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computex 2009の最新記事

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NVIDIA Tegraベースのネットブック elan、重さ836gでHD動画10時間再生

Ittousai, @Ittousai_ej
2009年6月2日, 午後04:15 in Computex 2009



1億画素超えカメラ搭載スマホ、シャオミ「Mi Note 10」のグローバル版を試す。日本での発売に期待

1億画素超えカメラ搭載スマホ、シャオミ「Mi Note 10」のグローバル版を試す。日本での発売に期待


Qualcomm が 披露したSnapdragonベースの小型ノート Smartbookと並んで、NVIDIA Tegraを採用したネットブックもComputexで発表となりました。TegraはARM CPUコアに無線接続や周辺機器コントローラ、そしてNVIDIA自慢の強力なグラフィックを載せた「コンピューター・オン・ア・チップ」。世界初のTegraベースノートとして発表されたMobinnova élanは 小型・軽量の本体に8.9インチディスプレイとQWERTYキーボードを備え、インターネットへ手軽に接続できます。

しかしメーカーいわく、「ネットブックと似ているのはそこまで」。ハイエンドスマートフォンもターゲットにしたTegraを搭載したことにより、elanは瞬時に立ちあがり、携帯のように3G WWANに直接つながってフルページのウェブブラウズが可能、長時間の連続駆動と「モバイルコンピューティングデバイスとして空前の」グラフィック性能をスタイリッシュな薄型デザインに納めたデバイスである、と続きます。

具体的な仕様は 重さ約 836g・厚さ20.5mmの本体に8.9インチディスプレイ、QWERTYキーボード、WiFiおよび3G接続、ウェブカメラ、「革新的な3Dインターフェース」を備えOffice文書やAdobeフォーマットに対応したOSなど。グラフィック性能は720p動画再生およびTegraのハードウェアアクセラレーションでFlash再生が可能。売りの低消費電力は一般的な利用で50mW、動画再生で150mW (「市場にあるほとんどデバイスの数分の一」)。あるいはHD動画の連続再生で5 ~ 10時間、ディスプレイを消した状態での音楽連続再生ならば最大で24日 (!)という単位を間違えたような数字が挙げられています。Mobinnovaからはelanのほか、10.1インチタッチスクリーンにHDMI / VGA出力、GPSを搭載したタブレット型デバイス T8も出展しています。Tegraベースのネットブック / MID / タブレットetcは各社からさらに展示される予定。

Gallery: Mobinnova élan | 4 Photos



The Book-Size élan Powers Up Easily, Provides 5-10 Hours Continuous HD Video Playback, 24 Days Audio Playback, Internet Browsing And Graphics Never Seen On A Mobile Computing Device

June 2009, Taipei, Taiwan-A mobile computing revolution arrives June 2, at the Computex 2009 show in Taipei, where content providers, carriers and consumers get their first look at what may be a whole new category of high performance communication devices. The élan is first in Mobinnova's line of ultra-portable computing devices powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra™ Computer-on-a-Chip. The 2 lb. élan is like a netbook in that it's small, has a keyboard, and offers easy access to the Internet. However that's where the similarities end. The élan powers up instantly, connects directly to a 3G wireless network, offers hours of continuous use, full page web browsing, and delivers graphics performance never seen before on a mobile computing device--all packaged in Mobinnova's stylishly thin design. "This truly portable device is a pleasure to hold and to use. It offers 720p high-definition video playback, full Internet browsing and an impressive battery life," says KC Kuo, Chairman and CEO of Mobinnova. "We like to say it 'runs on fun'. It's a real game changer."

The size of a hardback book and weighing less than 2 lbs., the Mobinnova élan is compact, quiet and cool. "It's the most powerful mobile Internet device you can easily pack in your purse, backpack or briefcase. You can use the élan for hours, even days between charges," says Mike Holland, Vice President of Business Development for Mobinnova. You can also use it anywhere--on a plane to Nepal, at a café in Paris, on the sidelines of a soccer game, in a college dorm room, or sitting in bed. "The élan's advanced power management means hours of viewing pictures, HD videos, Internet browsing, and reading and responding to email," says Holland. The Mobinnova élan offers:

  • 5-10 hours of continuous HD video playback on a single charge (dependent on screen usage).
  • Up to 24 days of continuous audio playback on a single charge (if screen not in use while listening to audio).
  • 8.9 inch screen size provides a rich viewing experience and full page web browsing.
  • Ultra-light, compact design at 1.84 lbs (836g), 9.1 inches (232mm) x 7.3 inches (186 mm) x .8 inches (20.5 mm).
  • NVIDIA Tegra-based platform that supports accelerated Adobe® Flash® animations and 720p high-definition video playback.
  • Both Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connectivity, enabling you to check your email, social networking accounts, and do internet searches wherever you are.
  • An innovative 3D graphical user interface.
  • QWERTY keyboard and touchpad.
  • Ability to view Microsoft® Office® and Adobe® documents.
  • A webcam for sharing video.
  • Fast, high resolution photo rendering, upload, and download.
  • Fanless operation for a quite, cool experience.
  • Advanced power management, allowing the élan to draw as little as 50mW during typical operation and 150mW during video playback, a fraction of most devices on the market today.
Mobinnova's élan is the first in a family of mobile devices based on the Tegra platform from NVIDIA, the inventor of the GPU. Also being shown at Computex is the Mobinnova T8, which combines the same powerful platform with a 10.1" touch screen, GPS, and HDMI and VGA video output. "Mobinnova has designed several interesting Tegra-based, mobile Internet devices that will surprise the market with their sleek, lightweight design and long battery life," said Mike Rayfield, General Manager Tegra Business at NVIDIA. "Tegra adds the secret sauce to deliver a desktop-like Internet experience and cell phone-like battery life in these new designs." "The Mobinnova élan and T8 answer the portable communications challenge," says Mobinnova's Chairman and CEO, KC Kuo. "We are honored to partner with NVIDIA to create products that make people's lives easier, more productive, and more enjoyable."

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