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1TB SSDアーミーナイフ正式発表、世界初のUSB3.0 / eSATAコンボ接続

Ittousai , @Ittousai_ej
2012年1月10日, 午前01:32 in Ces
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Amazon Echo Dot速攻レビュー。スキル試行は最初のスマホ的な楽しさ、日本語周りは意外な弱点が

Amazon Echo Dot速攻レビュー。スキル試行は最初のスマホ的な楽しさ、日本語周りは意外な弱点が



準備中の会場で見かけた展示はたしかに本物でした。スイスアーミーナイフでおなじみVictorinox がCES 2012 で正式発表したのは、最大容量1TBのUSB3.0/eSATAフラッシュメモリつきツールナイフ " Victorinox SSD "。2.5インチHDD型の1TB SSDがようやく登場し始めたかどうかという時期にUSBメモリサイズで1TBとはにわかに信じがたい大容量ですが、ヴィクトリノックスは「世界最小の大容量SSD」と表現しています。

容量以外の仕様もなかなかに凄まじく、転送速度はUSB 3.0メモリ製品としては最速クラスのリード220MB/s、ライト150MB/s。接続端子には、世界で唯一というUSB 3.0 / eSATA (6Gbps) のコンボ端子を採用します。さらにドライブ本体の側面に96 x 48 の電子ペーパー液晶を搭載し、書き換え時以外には電力を消費せずラベルを表示することが可能。そのほかのSSD部仕様は256bit AES ハードウェア暗号化、自動バックアップ・同期ソフトウェアなど。

パッケージにはブレードあり・ブレードなしのナイフ本体が付属し、SSD部分を交換することで航空機への持ち込みなどにも対応します。Victorinox SSD は1TBのほか64, 128, 256GB 製品もラインナップされる予定。Victorinox はまた、従来のUSBメモリつきツールナイフのUSB 3.0接続版 Victorinox Slim 3.0も発表しています。価格や発売時期の詳細はありませんが、1TBについてはいわゆる「時価」に近くビクトリノックスにもまだ分かっていなさそうな、発売時期はほかの容量よりかなり後になるような予感はします。続きはVictorinox の英文プレスリリース。


Brand Redefines Portable Secure Storage with Launch of Victorinox SSD and Slim USB 3.0

Las Vegas (Jan. 9, 2012)-Today at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, iconic brand
Victorinox Swiss Army (VSA), the exclusive marketer of Victorinox USB Flash Memory devices, announced the launch of two new portable storage additions-the Victorinox SSD and Victorinox Slim 3.0. VSA brings more than 125 years of trusted precision, quality, function and versatility to its newest consumer electronics innovations, which is a burgeoning product category for the brand.

The Victorinox SSD (Solid State Drive) and Victorinox Slim 3.0 USBs offer unprecedented data storage capacity with security measures fit for protecting the most confidential of personal and professional documents. Eachpocket-sized device packs anywhere from 16GB to one terabyte of storage capacity, is equipped to withstand a range of environmental and daily use factors, and remains true to the Swiss Army legacy of flawlessly designed products that endure.

"The Victorinox Swiss Army brand is synonymous with everyday "survival" tools and we continue to evolve our product offerings in the electronics division to provide solutions for living in a technology-focused world," said Andrea Huder, Head of Electronics for Victorinox. "The addition of the Victorinox SSD and Slim 3.0 to the flash USB line provides consumers with a quick and reliable way to store, transport and protect their personal and professional documents."

The need for large capacity storage devices has skyrocketed as consumers and businesses access, catalog and maintain thousands of data-intensive applications as part of their everyday lives. The Victorinox SSD addresses this opportunity by holding a terabyte of storage-the equivalent of 220 million pages of text, almost two years of uninterrupted music or 330,000 3MB photos in a pocket-sized device. Some key features and benefitsof the Victorinox SSD include:

World's smallest high-capacity SSD drive on the market to-date

Variety of storage capacities: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 1 terabyte

World's only SSD device with only one connector that fits into USB2/3 and eSATA 2/3 connectors

World's only SSD device with a Bi-Stable graphic display (E-Paper software) for labeling contents

Handles automatic backup and synchronization issues in un-hacked AES 256 security (combination
hardware and software)

Each SSD comes equipped with two knife bodies, between which the drive can easily be
interchanged-one is flight-friendly and the other includes traditional Swiss Army Knife implements
(blade, scissors, nail file/screw driver combo)

The Victorinox Slim 3.0 also combines portable data storage with stylish design. Faster in read/write speeds than a 2.0 USB flash drive can offer, the 3.0 is available in four storage
128GB, and four timeless colors-black, Victorinox red, forest green and navy blue. Also available is the classic ruby with Swiss Army Knife implements (blade, scissors, nail file/screw driver combo)

At the show, VSA is also unveiling a new limited-edition collection that makes the technology of three existing solutions visible to the eye. Each product will have a transparent knife handle, exposing the internal hardware, and will be complemented by clear cube packaging that gives the appearance of the device floating in suspension. VSA only produced between 1,000 and 4,000 pieces of each limited edition product, which will be available in April 2012:

Victorinox Secure-Featuring a removable USB flash drive with integrated biometric fingerprint
reader and loaded with proprietary Secure software, the device comes in 64GB and 128GB
capacities, and comes equipped with two knife bodies. The drive can easily be interchanged between
the flight-friendly body without implements and the non-flight model which includes scissors, blade,nail file with a screwdriver tip, and a combo LED/laser pointer

Victorinox Presentation Master-Also available in 64GB and 128GB capacities with flight-friendly and non-flight knife bodies, this removable USB flash drive features a Bluetooth remote control, laser pointer, biometric fingerprint reader, and is loaded with the Secure software

Victorinox Flash-Available in a 128GB capacity, equipped with flight and non-flight knife bodies, the Flash combines all the functionality of a Swiss Army Knife with a USB flash drive
VSA will be exhibiting at booth #36218, located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. CES attendees are encouraged to stop by to learn more about new and existing Victorinox Flash USB Memory devices, view interactive demonstrations-including our "Beat the SSD" challenge, and meet personally with Swiss Management and Victorinox Swiss Army founding family members.

For product fact sheets and high resolution images, visit the VSA online CES press kit. You can also follow them on Twitter @SwissArmy or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/VictorinoxSwissArmy https://www.facebook.com/victorinoxswissarmy?ref=ts

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