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Acer から Android 搭載 24型フルHD オールインワン DA241HL、他デスクトップ2シリーズ

Takuro Matsukawa
2013年9月3日, 午後03:24 in Acer



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折り畳めてとっても軽い!1万2000円の小型ジンバル「VLOG Pocket」はYouTuber入門におすすめ(小彩 楓)

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世界初の完全分離骨伝導イヤホン「earsopen PEACE」でネクストレベルの「ながら聴き」を体感


Acer がAndroid 搭載オールインワンPC「DA241HL」を発表しました。ディスプレイは24インチのフルHD。Androidの採用について、エイサーは「スマートフォンやタブレットで慣れ親しんだインターフェイスを、家庭でも使うことができます」としています。

主な仕様はプロセッサに Nvidia Tegra 3、OS に Android 4.2 Jelly Bean 。Google Play にも対応します。

MHLに対応してモバイル機器に給電しつつ外部ディスプレイとして使えるほか、HDMI もしくは USB で Windows 8 PC と接続すると、2点タッチ対応の外部ディスプレイにもなります。背面のスタンドにより、本体の角度は20°から75°の間で調節可能です。

DA241HL は10月中旬発売予定。価格は429ユーロ、日本円で5万6000円ほど。今のところ日本での販売について発表はありません。

ライバルになりそうなモデルとして、21.5インチでフルHDのIPS液晶に Tegra 4 を搭載し、直販の HP Directplus で約4万円という HP Slate 21 が存在するだけに、日本での価格が気になるところです。

また Acer は、Windows 8 とタッチ対応の23型フルHDディスプレイを搭載するオールインワンPC も発表しています。

Aspire U5-610 は、Haswell 世代のインテルCPUと NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M、最大16GB のメモリを搭載可能なモデル。

また iOS/Android 用アプリの Acer Remote に対応します。これはアプリをインストールしたデバイスと U5-610 を WiFi もしくは Bluetooth で接続し、タッチパッドとして使用したりパワーポイントの操作などができる機能。


Aspire Z3-610 は CPUに Haswell 、グラフィックス機能にインテルもしくは NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M を搭載。価格は779ユーロ、日本円で約10万円から。2014年1月発売予定。

Aspire Z3-105 は AMD のAシリーズプロセッサ(4コア)と Radeon グラフィックスを搭載。価格は779ユーロ、日本円で約10万円から。2013年12月発売予定。

またZシリーズに共通する仕様として、IPS パネルのディスプレイと Harman Kardon のスピーカー、ドルビーホームシアター v4 サラウンドサウンド機能を搭載します。
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Acer Launches a Touch More All-in-One Desktops Designed to Become the Hub of Family Life @ IFA

Editor's Summary:

• A new range of AiO desktop designed to offer an easy and outstanding touch experience

• Introducing the Acer DA241HL, the first Android AiO supporting multi-tasking, web browsing, gaming and video

• Powerful performance and top entertainment with the modern and flexible Aspire U5-610

• Optimized sound and simplified access and terrific visuals with the Aspire Z3 series

BERLIN, Sept. 2, 2013 – Acer today unveiled the Acer DA241HL, the first All-in-One based on the Android OS and NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor from Acer. It's designed to offer users the same familiar experience as with tablets and smartphones. The company also took the opportunity to launch several new All-in-Ones aimed at offering users an improved and more ergonomic full HD touch experience. The range of new models includes the elegant, modern and flexible Aspire U5-610, the Aspire Z3-105 and the Aspire Z3-610, designed to unlock a world of optimized sound, simplified access and full HD touch enjoyment for the entire family.

Acer DA241HL

With the DA214HL, Acer introduces the first Full HD touch 24-inch AiO based on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and featuring NVIDIA Tegra quad-core performance. Users can now find on their home PC the same familiar interface used on other Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets that are increasingly popular for media consumption, web browsing or social media interactions.

What's more, the Android OS unlocks a world of exciting games and affordable productivity solutions, and the same 1 million+ apps from the Google Market can be accessed across multiple Android devices under the same user account. This provides a simplified and convenient user experience, as content can easily be synchronized across devices. The Tegra processing power provides access to the top sold emulated games and features on Google Play that are not supported or slow to play with other processors. On top of it, the DA241HL can offer a personalized experience to each family member, as it allows the customization of settings and apps for up to 5 users.

Thanks to MHL connectivity, the DA241HL can easily transmit smartphone content to a larger display for more comfortable viewing. It can also connect to any PC with Windows 8 via an HDMI port or USB cable becoming a 2-point Touch Display. In addition, the tilting angle of 20° to 75° enables a comfortable touch experience.

Acer Aspire U5-610

Elegant, contemporary and flexible, the Aspire U5-610 is the perfect home AiO for modern day explorers. Bundled in a stunning, futuristic design, the Aspire U5-610 is engineered to deliver top performance for first-class entertainment and maximum productivity. It couples the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors, providing better CPU performance and enabling applications to load faster. And NVIDIA's® GeForce® GTX 760M allows faster content creation, smoother gaming and better digital entertainment; plus up to 16 GB DDR3 memory provides faster multitasking.

Besides great performance, the Aspire U5-610 offers users a top of the range entertainment experience. On the 23" Full HD touch display that touts wide viewing angle colours, saturation and contrast are fine-tuned by Acer's CineBoost Color Engine (ACCE). CONEQ™ Sound Technology, designed to improve sound direction towards the user, expands the sound images to better match visual movie effects and maximise sound coverage regardless of users sit. Acer Remote helps to control Windows 8 via iOS or Android mobile devices. Pairing an iOS or Android mobile device with the Aspire U5-610 via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth instantly unleashes a series of remote applications over the touchpad, media, keypad, Windows 8 Metro, Power point and Laser control.

Optimized to allow users to capture and share more, the Aspire U5-610 features a Full HD webcam with up to a 75° wide Field of View (FOV) enabling a larger coverage of visuals during video chats. Moreover, to let family, friends or business contacts clearly hear what users are saying, the Acer Purified.Voice provides clear communication with no volume reduction by tracking the speaker's voice and eliminating background noise. The HDMI with MHL support lets users easily access and share content on a bigger screen from their mobile devices while charging.

Aspire Z3-105

The Aspire Z3-105 is powered with AMD's latest A series quad-core processors and Radeon graphic solutions to offer best performance and let families enjoy enhanced entertainment. The 23" full HD touch display with IPS technology grants amazing images and life-like colours, while premium front-facing Harman Kardon® speakers and Dolby® Home Theater® v4 surround sound unlock a world of fantastic cinematic audio. The front-facing ports and webcam make it easy for customer to connect external devices or chat with friends.

Aspire Z3-610

The Aspire Z3-610 all-in-one desktop is designed to offer the best performance and an all-round entertainment to the entire family. Now available with Intel's 4th generation processors, it can pack either integrated graphics from Intel or Nvidia's GeForce GT 740M graphic solution to ensure a fast multimedia experience. While the 23" full HD touch display with IPS technology presents stunning images and natural-looking colours, premium front-facing Harman Kardon® speakers and Dolby® Home Theater® v4 surround sound for crystal clear, accurate sound.

A touch IFA 2013

Acer International Media & Partner Lounge

Where: Die Kunztschule, Schuetzenstrasse 6, 10117 Berlin

When: September 3 – 7, 2013, 15:00 – 22:00

Acer Booth

Where: Hall 12/101

When: September 6- 11, 2013

Availability and Pricing

The Acer DA241HL will be available mid-October with a starting price of €429.-.

The Acer Aspire U5-610 will be available in December with a starting price of €1,129.

The Acer Aspire Z3-105 will be available in December with a starting price of €799.

The Acer Aspire Z3-610 will be available in January with a starting price of €799.

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