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新 iPad は世界初のBluetooth Smart Ready タブレット、省電力アクセサリと連携

Ittousai, @Ittousai_ej
2012年3月10日, 午前03:26 in Bluetooth



スマホ+リコー「GR III」の併用がもたらす納得感。特別な時以外にも持ち歩きたくなるデジカメの価値(本田雅一)

スマホ+リコー「GR III」の併用がもたらす納得感。特別な時以外にも持ち歩きたくなるデジカメの価値(本田雅一)


3月7日のスペシャルイベントで発表された「新しい iPad」の特徴といえば、ピクセル数4倍 2048 x 1536 の Retina ディスプレイ、グラフィック4コアのA5Xプロセッサ、下り最大72Mbps の LTE 対応などがありますが (詳しくは「詳細比較チャート」参照)、対応するBluetoothのバージョンが2.1+EDR から 4.0 にさりげなく進化しているのも注目点です。

Bluetoothの規格化団体 Bluetooth SIG の発表によると、新 iPad は Bluetooth の新規格 " Bluetooth SMART READY " に準拠した世界初のタブレットであるとのこと。SMART って何だ?を詳しく説明すると上の対応表のようにややこしくなるのですが、簡単にいえば「最新の Bluetooth 腕時計やフィットネス用センサーなど、低消費電力のスマートデバイスと接続できる」ことが利点です (...ややこしい説明は続きの本文へ)

Bluetoothでスマートフォンと連携する腕時計などはBluetooth 4.0 以前から 存在していましたが、ヘッドセットやキーボードなどのBluetooth機器とおなじ方式で通信するため、バッテリー消費が大きく応用範囲が限られたり、頻繁な再充電が必要になる問題がありました。

そこでBluetooth 4.0 の一部として新たに加わったのが、センサーなど通信量が少ない機器のための低消費電力通信規格 Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) 。ホスト機器との通信を簡略化したり間欠的に接続することで、「ボタン電池で1年以上」と表現される超低消費電力を実現します。

このBluetooth LE はカシオのBluetooth 4.0対応 G-SHOCK GB-6900 のようなスマートウォッチやスポーツ向けの心拍計、医療系のセンサーなど「スマートデバイス」で採用が始まっており、この低消費電力モードで接続する機器を見分けるロゴが「Bluetooth SMART」です。

対して、そうした低消費電力のスマートデバイス (「Bluetooth SMART」ロゴつき) と接続する準備OKなホスト側の機器は「Bluetooth SMART READY」と呼ばれます。Bluetooth SIG によれば、タブレットとして初の Bluetooth SMART READY 機器は新 iPad。スマートフォンとして初のBluetooth SMART READY 端末は iPhone 4S、二番目はモトローラのAndroid 携帯 Droid RAZR。国産では NECカシオの MEDIAS N-04C などが対応しています。

で、結局のところどんなBluetooth SMART アクセサリとつながって嬉しいのかといえば、Bluetooth SIG の発表文では、世界初のBluetooth 4.0 対応次世代腕時計として G-SHOCK GB-6900 の名前が挙がっています。ただし、GB-6900 の製品ページに対応機種として記されているのは各キャリアの MEDIAS 計5機種のみ。SMART と SMART READY は通信形式的にはつながっても、従来のBluetooth とおなじくプロファイルが対応していなければやっぱり使えません。(例:Bluetooth ヘッドセットにだけ対応する携帯とBluetoothマウスはつながらない、iPhone は Bluetooth 対応でもファイル転送は標準サポートしない etc)。

The New iPad First Bluetooth Smart Ready Tablet

Apple Embraces Bluetooth 4.0, Readies for Explosion of Bluetooth Devices and Data

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The new iPad, unveiled today by Apple, Inc. [NASDAQ: AAPL], is the world's first Bluetooth Smart Ready tablet, incorporating Bluetooth v4.0 and its hallmark feature low energy technology. As a Bluetooth Smart Ready tablet, the new iPad gives any Bluetooth device, from a static data-collecting sensor to a laptop or mobile phone like the iPhone 4S, the ability to connect, share and distribute information in real-time. No other wireless technology is able to provide the limited energy consumption, usability, functionality and install base that Bluetooth v4.0 brings to the market.

"We've seen a steady stream of Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart devices since the beginning of the year and expect today's news to propel that wave even higher."

The fact that Apple's new iPad is a Bluetooth Smart Ready hub is big news for the broad CE ecosystem – accessory manufacturers, app developers, and most importantly, consumers. Every second, there are over 60 Bluetooth enabled devices commercialized worldwide – Classic Bluetooth technology and now Bluetooth Smart devices joining the 7 billion Bluetooth enabled devices already in market. This massive ecosystem is expected to expand remarkably within the next two years: 2B Bluetooth enabled devices will ship in 2012 and 3B are expected to ship in 2014, according to Peter Cooney, practice director, semiconductors at industry watcher ABI Research, Inc. So why is the new iPad better with Bluetooth technology?

For manufacturers:

• As a Bluetooth Smart Ready hub, the new iPad is ready to connect to the expanding universe of Bluetooth devices, both Classic Bluetooth technology (think existing mice, keyboards, and speakers,) and new Bluetooth Smart devices (fitness sensors like the Polar H7 or Wahoo Blue Heart Rate Monitors, Casio G-Shock GB-6900 Smart Watch, etc.).

• The new iPad joins the iPhone 4S and the Motorola Droid Razr as some of the first Bluetooth Smart Ready devices that are already available to connect to the increasingly diverse and massive number of Bluetooth enabled devices. The release of Windows 8 PCs and tablets will further propel the millions of Bluetooth Smart Ready hubs that will ship this year.

For app developers:

• As a Bluetooth Smart Ready hub, the new iPad (like the iPhone 4S) enables app developers to turn data coming securely from Bluetooth peripherals into compelling information for consumers via apps. OEMs as well as third-party app developers can distribute their apps through the app store and allow them to easily connect to whichever Bluetooth Smart device they like. This is all enabled through Apple's API.

• Data coming from Bluetooth devices is app and cloud friendly– secure, diverse, real-time and inherently lightweight.

For consumers:

• Like all other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, the consumer now has the opportunity to seamlessly connect their diverse Bluetooth devices (Classic Bluetooth technology or new Bluetooth Smart devices) to the new iPad. Not only will a consumer be able to buy an ultra-efficient Bluetooth Smart keyboard that won't require a change of batteries for the life of their new iPad, they can also track the data that might be securely coming off of their many Bluetooth Smart devices through apps on their new iPad.

• For example, fitness buffs can track and record their workout analytics (heart rate, distance, speed, elevation, etc.) on an app that's talking to their Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor. Diabetics can seamlessly and securely track their blood sugar levels from their Bluetooth enabled glucose meter through an app on their new iPad. At their next visit, they can simply show a chart of their blood sugar levels over the past six months on their new iPad (in full HD) when the doctor asks how their readings have been since the last check-up. Or consumers can use their new iPad as a remote control to their Bluetooth enabled home audio system, TV or thermostat.

• Consumers can trust the security of the data being transported via Bluetooth technology. Data coming from Bluetooth Smart peripherals feature military grade 128-bit AES encryption. Not only are Bluetooth Smart devices ultra power efficient, but they are also ultra secure.
"The new iPad is the first of its kind, showing Apple really understands how their products are better with Bluetooth technology, and the value of the Bluetooth ecosystem – to the developer community, to the manufacturer, and to the ultimate benefactor – the consumer," said Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director, Bluetooth SIG. "We've seen a steady stream of Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart devices since the beginning of the year and expect today's news to propel that wave even higher."

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