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投げられる偵察ロボ iRobot 110 FirstLook(動画)

Haruka Ueda
2012年3月13日, 午後01:00 in Firstlook



お掃除ロボット「ルンバ」が日本でも人気の iRobot 社は、そもそも軍事・業務用ロボットを中心に開発しており......という前置きは Packbot の活躍もあって、もはやトリビアでもなんでもありませんが、そんな iRobot 社が米国防総省下の組織から偵察用ロボット iRobot 110 FirstLook の受注を得たことを発表しました。ロボットを購入するのは JIEDDO(Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization)という長い名前がついた、即製爆弾などと呼ばれる爆発物の被害軽減を目指す組織。受注台数は100台以上で、予算は150万ドル、1億2000万円くらいです。

では FirstLook というのはどういうロボットか、というのはまず続きに掲載した宣伝動画を見てもらうのが一番なのですが、たぶん一番の特長は「投げられる」ことでしょう。タフ仕様で投げても大丈夫、というレベルではなく、窓から屋内に放り込むというような、投げることを想定したデザインになっています。動作はキャタピラ式で、ひっくり返っても自分で起き上がることが可能。4メートル以上落ちても大丈夫とか、本体より高そうな17cmの障害物も乗り越えられるとか、まあとにかく頑丈かつ身軽です。

FirstLook には 4台のカメラが備えられているため、360度の偵察を遠隔操作で行えるという作り。将来的には音声通信とか、ロボット間の通信によるネットワーク形成(ロボットの中継により遠隔操作の可能範囲が伸びる)といった発展も検討されています。ロボットの評価は今春から行われる予定。

iRobot receives military order for FirstLook robots

Represents first significant order of company's small, light and throwable robot

BEDFORD, Mass., March 6, 2012 – iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), a leader
in delivering robotic technology-based solutions, received a $1.5
million order, funded by the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat
Organization (JIEDDO), for more than 100 of the company's model 110
FirstLook™ robots. Since its introduction last year, the iRobot 110
FirstLook has undergone extensive testing and demonstrations with the
customer. All robots under this order have been delivered and will
take part in an operational assessment this spring.

FirstLook is a small, light and throwable robot. It is ideal for a
wide range of infantry and special operations missions, including
building clearing, raids and other close-in scenarios. With four
built-in cameras, FirstLook provides multi-direction situational
awareness while keeping the operator out of harm's way.

FirstLook possesses a unique set of capabilities. While it weighs just
five pounds, it is robust enough to survive 15-foot drops, overcomes
obstacles as high as seven inches and automatically self-rights when
flipped over. Future capabilities include two-way audio communication
and digital mesh networking, which will allow multiple robots to relay
radio communications over greater distances.

"iRobot has received very positive feedback from the field about
FirstLook's capabilities, and we are excited about the advantages this
game-changing robot will provide to our troops," said Tim Trainer,
interim general manager of iRobot's Military Robots business unit.
"Similar to how iRobot's PackBot and SUGV robots changed the way
explosive ordnance disposal missions are conducted, we feel FirstLook
will change how infantry and special operations missions are performed
in the years ahead."

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