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A page for Capcom's "Retro Station" gaming console with an integrated screen has suddenly appeared on in Japan. It appears to be a game console with a total of 10 titles from the company's popular "Mega Man" and "Street Fighter" game series, with five titles each.

The reason I say "that it appears to be a game console" is because there were no announcements from Capcom, or even rumors that it was in development. There's also the possibility of some kind of mistake, and it's still unclear whether or not the game will actually be released (although from the photos released at the same time, it's unlikely that it won't be).

There's no clue as to the price, and according to the page, the release date is "December 1, 2020". However, considering the recent trend of "game consoles have to be preordered", which has become the standard for both good and bad, it seems unlikely that the game will be released in about a week's time.

In contrast to the stick length, the screen certainly looks larger than it should be. Physically, it looks like it's at least 8 inches long. And what does the "TRON" in the logo at the bottom of the screen mean?

What makes it unique is that it is a console with a built-in screen, but it has a size that has not been seen on similar consoles in the past.

From the outside, it looks like a miniature-console like SNK's NEOGEO mini or Sega Toys' Astro City Mini, but the published specifications include the phrase "large 8-inch screen". If this is true, it would be quite large, as opposed to the NEOGEO mini being about 3.5 inches and the Astro City mini being about 4 inches.

The controller has six buttons and a stick. If the width of the body is really about 33 cm, there seems to be more than enough area to spare.

In fact, the body size listed on the Amazon page is "329 x 280 x 315 mm," which is comparable to a 13-14 inch laptop in terms of the bottom area. The controller shown in the photo (six buttons and a joystick) is also slightly smaller, but seems to be large enough to play with without worrying about the small size of the controller.

In the introduction, there is the phrase "a powerful unit with high-quality speakers with ultra-heavy bass, just like in a game center", so you may be curious about this as well.

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Now, the games that will be included that you are interested in, the list published on the product page is the following 10 titles.

Mega Man series

  • Mega Man The Power Battle

  • Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters

  • Mega Man X

  • Mega Man Soccer


Street Fighter series

  • Street Fighter II

  • Street Fighter II' Champion Edition

  • Super Street Fighter II

  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo

  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Looking at it this way, the composition may not be what some people expected (sorry). Personally, the fact that the only mainstay of the Mega Man series is the original X, and the inclusion of both Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo made me honestly wonder if this was true (sorry again).

Considering the selection of only five titles in each series, I wondered if this was a project that could be made into a series.

Furthermore, in the case of titles that have both arcade and home versions of these titles, I'm curious to know which one is included, or even if it's a mix of both (although it's possible that the speaker's introduction text above has the word " game center" in it, so it's possible that the arcade version is preferred).

But of course, this is based on the assumption that this list is true. Of course, there are still many unknowns.

There is a large Capcom logo on the back. The terminals on the bottom side appear to be a DC input (AC adapter), headphone jack, and HDMI output, according to the description. The fact that the power supply is not USB (due to the screen, the current requirement is high?) is a hidden feature.

Another mystery is that we don't know what the policy is with regard to the Street Fighter II series' competition. This is because, from the current photos available, there are no terminals that would allow for the addition of a controller.

Thankfully, the photos on the product page show the top and four sides, but a quick glance at the unit shows that the only ports on the unit are the DC input (AC adapter), headphone jack, and HDMI video output on the bottom of the back.

Of course, there are more than a few possibilities, such as "it has a controller terminal on the bottom side, which is not shown in the photos", "the yellow circle cover on the left and right side of the screen or the groove on the side of the stick is a lid, and when you open it, it has a terminal", or "it has a Bluetooth host function".

Rather, there must be some way to do this, as it is inconceivable that a Street Fighter II console is not designed for competitive play. This, along with the "RETRO STATION TRON" logo at the bottom of the screen (since this is a console featuring Mega Man, is it related to Tron from the DASH series ......?), is a bit of a stretch for the imagination.

The left side is shaped like this. The curve on the backside of the screen gives it a retro-futuristic impression (it's an LCD, but it's as deep as a cathode-ray tube).
This is the right side. It looks like there is a USB port in the groove near the base of the stick...

There is still a lot of mystery about the Retro Station, including its price, but its size, the fact that it's a console with a screen and a stick and not a miniature, and its aim, which has never before been seen in a game console, make it a very interesting one.

It seems that Capcom has not been very active in this type of product. In fact, however, the company has been casually developing interesting products, such as the release of the "CAPCOM HOME ARCADE", a joystick-integrated game console in the U.K. that can play 16 arcade games.

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.