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Nintendo is expected to be preparing a high-performance model called the Switch Pro, which will follow the Nintendo Switch and the handheld Switch Lite. Its third Switch will reportedly go into production in the second half of 2020 and will be released in the first quarter of 2021.

According to Taiwanese industry information media Economic Daily News, the new Switch features upgraded "interactivity" and improved display quality. Various suppliers have been cited as sources for this information, including the Switch's flash storage and Joy-Con controller-related products.

Over the past year or so, predictions of a "third Switch" have been coming from multiple sources. First, The Wall Street Journal reported that two new Switches are in the works: an "enhanced version for gamers and a cheaper version for the casual crowd". The latter of which was half right with the release of the Switch Lite in September 2019.

Furthermore, Taiwanese industry media outlet DigiTimes reported that a "new Switch model" would be released in mid-2020, but soon after, Nintendo completely denied that it had any plans to release a new model by the end of 2020.

However, in April, a security researcher tweeted that Switch firmware 10.0.0 adds preliminary support for a new hardware model: "nx-abcd", and there is evidence of a secondary display of sorts being added exclusively on this model, rumors of a Pro model of the Switch were rekindled.

In the aforementioned WSJ report, there was a testimonial from a source who said, "You'd be surprised at the shape (of the new Switch)," but if it comes with a secondary screen in addition to the main screen, we can expect the return of double-screen hardware from the DS and 3DS, or even the ability to play on two screens using the main screen and an external display at the same time, and other "surprises".

In Nintendo's first-quarter results released earlier this month, the original Switch, which can also be used for stationary use and played on a large external screen, showed solid strength, while the Nintendo Switch Lite also did very well. With production disruptions caused by the spread of the new coronavirus still being resolved and people still resisting going out, a "second console-ready Switch" may be introduced to meet stay-home demand.

Source: Economic Daily News

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.