AMD announces initial production and shipment of chips for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Rumor has it that the PS5 cover is replaceable.

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During the company's second-quarter earnings call, AMD CEO Lisa Su announced that the company has begun initial production and shipments of chips for its next generation of console, including the PS5 and Xbox Series X. She also said it will release a 7nm processor based on the Zen3 architecture and RDNA2 (the so-called "Big Navi") GPUs by the end of 2020.

Both Sony's next-gen PS5 gaming console and Microsoft's Xbox Series X will feature a custom Zen2 CPU and a custom RDNA2 GPU, both of which have already been officially announced. Both of these consoles are set to launch during the holiday season of 2020, but their specific release dates are still undecided, but at any rate, the production start of the CPUs and GPUs has not stalled, so at least the initial production run seems to be going well.

The latter is also good news for those who want to upgrade their PCs with AMD parts, which is disappointing news for Intel. The company, after all, just announced in its earnings release that it expects to ship its 7nm process products about six months later than planned. TSMC stock has been rising after CEO Bob Swan said that the company is "considering placing orders with third party foundries such as TSMC".

Speaking of the PS5, a photo of what appears to be a white shell (outer cover) covering the PS5 was posted on a Chinese gaming forum, A9VG Electric Fan Club. It appears to be made by hooking the shell onto protruding parts of the inside of the cover, rather than screwing it on, leading to speculation that the PS5 shell is meant to be replaceable and customizable by users.


Just this June, Matt MacLaurin, head of PlayStation UX design, reportedly said in an impromptu Q&A session on LinkedIn that "This [hardware] is also customizable in ways previous gens weren’t” (the original thread has been deleted).

It's not particularly interesting to those who don't want to change the design or color of the console itself, but it should be a point of appeal to some users. As we get closer to the end of the year, when the PS5 and Xbox Series X collide, we may see a small reveal of new elements that differentiate it from its rivals.

Source: The Verge, BGR

This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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