Apple iPhone 12 lineup will be revealed on October 13, and we summarize the predictions

Look at the new features of the Pro models and the price of the mini model.

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Apple has announced a special event. The date is October 13. This comes about a month after the last event where the fourth-generation iPad Air and the new Apple Watch were revealed.

This time, the next flagship iPhone 12 series is sure to be announced. The breakdown is probably more than the previous year's iPhone 11 series with a total of four models in three different screen sizes. Two of them are expected to be 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch entry-level models with two rear cameras, and two more expensive Pro models with three rear cameras, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch.

The keynote presentations begin at 10:00 a.m. local time, and Engadget Japan will be reporting in real-time as usual.

By the way, here's the English version of the invitation. The Japanese version's "Breaking News" is changed to "Hi, Speed".


So what are the features of the iPhone 12 series and how has it evolved from the previous year's iPhone 11 series? Let's take a quick look back at the rumors that have been delivered so far.

The names of the four new iPhone models


So, when it comes to the product name of each of the four models in the iPhone 12 series, we're almost certain that it will be ‘iPhone 12 mini’, ‘iPhone 12’, ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ and ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’.

This year's smallest iPhone 5.4-inch model is rumored to be named 'iPhone 12 mini'

Naming the high-end devices "Pro" follows the precedent set by the previous year's iPhone 11 series, and it's in line with the rule from the year before that larger models should be named "Max" and relatively inexpensive entry-level models should be without the suffix.

And the "mini" is a first for the iPhone, which was also seen on the iPad mini and Mac mini. It's smaller than the mid-sized iPhone 12/12 Pro, and it should be easy to see how the "largest and smallest" is paired with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

All models support 5G, but differentiated by model and region?

The prediction that all models in the iPhone 12 series will support 5G has been out since the end of 2019. With the settlement with Qualcomm, there is no longer any concern about 5G modem procurement, and it is expected to be powered by the most advanced chip, the X55.

Next year's iPhone will use the latest 5G chip "X55" and the A14(tentative) will be manufactured on the 5nm process (Nikkei report)

However, although 5G is spreading around the world, there are still disparities in the state of infrastructure development between regions. For this reason, there are two schools of thought: "Differentiate 5G support for each model" and "Introduce different models in each region."

All iPhone 12 are to support both 5G mmWave and sub-6 GHz, but it might vary by region in 2021

The 5G network can be broadly classified into two types: millimeter wave, which is fast but has a narrower range, and sub-6 (GHz), which is slower but has a wider range of coverage. And depending on the model, it is expected that the former will be reduced.

Interestingly, the Fast Company article's theory that only the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be millimeter-wave compatible.

Rumor has it that the 5G millimeter wave support in the iPhone 12 series is only available for the largest size Pro Max.

The reason for this is that only the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the internal space to support the antenna design needed to implement millimeter-wave support, and large battery capacity to match the amount of power consumption.

It is also stated that only the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which will be sold in the US, South Korea, and Japan, will support millimeter waves. There's already a pretty compelling precedent for "physical dual-SIM for models sold in China only" starting with the 2018 iPhone XS/XS Max/XR.

On the other hand, some believe that the smallest model, the iPhone 12 mini, has "only 4G support without 5G".

An analyst predicts iPhone 12 mini will only support 4G without 5G

Apple's 5G support, which is lagging behind its competitors, may be one of the most noteworthy points to watch, as some expect it to be the catalyst for a supercycle (a massive replacement boom).

All models will use OLED, but 120Hz display will not be available

Ice universe

For the 2019 flagship, only the lowest-priced iPhone 11 used an LCD display. However, it is almost a theory that all models in the iPhone 12 series are expected to use OLED displays.

All iPhone 12 models have OLED displays, no earphones or chargers included (Nikkei report)

On the other hand, the predictions surrounding whether the 120Hz display will be used in the Pro model of the iPhone 12 have changed quite a bit.

Whereas the previous iPhone screen refresh rate was 60Hz (60 times per second), 120Hz is twice as fast, and has already been used in the iPad Pro (2017) and later, called ProMotion technology, which underpins the smooth display and excellent tracking of the Apple Pencil. It's a specification that has already been used in other companies' smartphones, such as Samsung's Galaxy Note 20, and was highly anticipated for the Pro model of the iPhone 12.

In fact, in the summer of 2019, famous leakers (people who publish leading information about unannounced products) and supply chain-savvy industry publications also reported that 120Hz was going to be used, and it was thought to be almost confirmed.

However, display analysts disagree that 120Hz will not be used in the iPhone 12, and that it won't happen until the 2021 model year.

Does the iPhone 12 Pro not have a 120Hz display? Display specialist analyst claims

This is because 120Hz display requires LTPO technology (which underpins the Apple Watch Series 5's always-on lighting) to achieve a variable refresh rate of 1Hz-120Hz (to save battery consumption). And Apple won't be able to implement LTPO until 2021.

After that, many people were inclined to believe that Apple was considering adopting 120Hz but decided not to do so for some reason.

Has the iPhone 12 started mass production with no 120Hz screen? Will the 8th generation iPad also appear next week?

Even if the 120Hz display is really rejected for the iPhone 12, we'd still like to have hope for next year's iPhone 13.

The iPhone 12 Pro models' rear cameras are a big improvement, with a LiDAR scanner


One of the competitive factors in high-end smartphones in recent years has been the camera, and the iPhone is no exception, and there have been a lot of rumors about the iPhone 12 series.

For one thing, the LiDAR scanner (3D sensor) in the iPad Pro (2020) will be used in the Pro models of the iPhone 12.

Does the iPhone 12 Pro Max have a LiDAR scanner? A photo of what appears to be the back glass has been released

LiDAR scanners project light onto an object and measure distance based on the time it takes for the reflected light to reach the sensor; the iPad Pro (2020) makes the AR app launch faster, more seamless, and more accurate by quickly recognizing the depth and shape of its surroundings.

The second prediction is improved autofocus and image stabilization.

Rumors of improved autofocus and image stabilization for iPhone 12, and periscope lens for 2022 models

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone 12 will use ball-type VCM (voice coil motor) technology to improve performance, replacing the spring-type motor of the iPhone 11 generation.

And there was some supply chain information about a seven-element lens for the main camera.

The iPhone 12 series is rumored to feature a 7-element lens. Better camera quality?

The previous year's iPhone 11 Pro used a 5-element lens for the ultra-wide angle camera and a 6-element lens for the wide-angle and telephoto cameras. This means that with a 7-element lens, there's one more lens, so we can expect some improvement in still and video quality.

6GB of memory on the Pro models, 4GB on the entry-level models

Engadget Japan

All three models in the iPhone 11 series had 4GB of memory, but this year, the Pro models are expected to have 6GB and the entry-level models are expected to have 4GB.

A famous leaker suggests that the iPhone 12 Pro model will have more RAM to 6GB

This was suggested in a tweet by numerous accomplished leaker L0vetodream. He didn't provide any particular evidence, however, it has been proven that no matter how good the iPhone's A-series chip performance is, low memory can easily affect the experience of using apps because of the frequent reloading of files.

Subsequently, the benchmark results, purportedly from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, also showed a figure of 6GB of onboard memory.

Leaked iPhone 12 Pro Max benchmark results suggest it might be lower than SnapDragon 865 Plus

Finally, the wave of increased memory may be coming to the iPhone.

Wired earbuds and power adapter not included, but prices raised?


The prediction that the iPhone 12 series will not include a charger or wired earbuds is almost a theory, as reported by Nikkei. One of the reasons for this was to cut costs, and it's likely to fend off a move by the European Parliament to mandate the adoption of a unified charger.

Even with those cost cuts, some analysts estimate that the iPhone 12 series will still be priced from $749, or $50 more than the previous year's iPhone 11 ($699).

iPhone 12 rumors: $50 price hike even without earphones and charger?

While there are many rumors about pricing, at the time of writing, the most common estimates are that the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will start at $749 (a $50 increase over the iPhone 11) and the 5.4-inch iPhone mini will start at $649.

iPhone 12 series prices leaked, starting at $649

It has been suggested that instead of removing the USB charger from the bundle, a USB-C - Lightning cable with a braided covering that seems to be more resistant to damage may be included.

Will the iPhone 12 come with a USB-C to Lightning cable with braided covering?

Some have said that the original Apple Lightning cable so far will break after a few months, and if it's going to be tough, it's likely to be welcomed without a charger.

This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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