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On September 3, Square Enix held the new information and advertisement announcement event to celebrate the first anniversary of Dragon Quest Walk, a location-based role-playing game for smartphones. Dragon Quest Walk will celebrate its first anniversary on September 12.

At the event, Dragon Quest Walk producer Takamasa Shiba and game designer Yuji Horii, the creator of the Dragon Quest series, gave three presentations: a review of the year of Dragon Quest Walk, future developments, and the new advertisement.

Game designer Yuji Horii speaks at the launch event

Producer Takamasa Shiba of Dragon Quest Walk

The presentation was hosted by Terumoto Goto of Football Hour

First, here's a record of player activity for the year of Dragon Quest Walk. The total number of steps taken by all players is over 4 trillion. This is a distance of about 3.2 billion kilometers, which is enough to travel to Saturn and back. In addition, the number of players who have visited the landmark is over 5 million. Some of them have traveled to each prefecture to touch the landmarks in Dragon Quest Walk and get a souvenir. A Real Souvenir Project has also been launched to collaborate with souvenirs from the game, with Suzuhiro Kamaboko, a long-established fish cake shop in Kanagawa Prefecture, selling Slime Kamaboko. They are so popular that they are sold out in the morning.

The total number of steps taken by all players is over 4 trillion.

Slime Kamaboko from the Real Souvenir Project

The future of Dragon Quest Walk

The new 'Adventure Together' element. You can party up with your family and friends and have adventures together.

A new element is an addition of 'Adventure Together' to the game. Not that Dragon Quest Walk didn't have elements that involved other players, such as defeating mega-monsters together, but it's essentially a solo style of gameplay. To make it possible to play with friends there, you can now party with real players. Previously it was a combination of the player and three NPCs, but now you'll be able to have four players - the player plus three fellow players - working together.

Working in the same party gives you the advantage of being able to share the effects of items, only needing one bill for four players to take down a mega-monster, and having a helper always chosen from your party members. More than that, it's a great way to have an adventure with your friends who are with you.

'Arukundesu W' allows you to raise slimes according to your steps and save them as a log.

Next is ‘Arukundesu W’. This is the Dragon Quest Walk version of the Dragon Quest Slime Virtual Pet Pedometer, a portable game console with a pedometer function previously released by Square Enix. The slime grows up according to the number of steps you walk, and depending on how you raise it, it will turn into various types of slime. The pedometer function is also a so-called activity meter function, including calorie counting and daily log checking. It is supervised by Tanita and shows you a meal menu equivalent to the calories you've consumed, so it's worth the walk.

Enter the player's height, weight, age, etc. to calculate the number of calories burned.

You can also check your daily step count and other information in the log.

Depending on how you raise it, it can turn into various types of slime.

There's a lot more to it, new elements

Next, it's time for 'Hokora'. Hokora, a small shrine, where a powerful enemy is waiting for you, will appear in the game. If you return-register the Hokora, you can challenge the Hokora from far away. When you defeat powerful enemies in the Hokora, you can get a new item called a stone tablet, which you can use to increase your profession's proficiency. Currently, the maximum level of a profession is Lv 60, so even those who have reached the maximum level now have an element that still makes them stronger.

Find and register for the Hokora and use the Return to explore from anywhere. Defeat strong enemies to get the tablet and improve your profession's proficiency!

Next, let's talk about new professions. First of all, Dancers and Gadabouts will be added to the basic jobs. There are also new advanced jobs, but in this announcement, they only had silhouettes. In the Dragon Quest series, Gadabouts are usually useless, but if you raise them, they become Sages, which is something no fan of the game knows, and Yuji Horii revealed at the end of the event that that system will be included in this game as well. However, since there is already a Sage profession, it's a little late for that, so he said that he wanted to add some elements to the game when players change their class from Gadabout to Sage.

The new basic jobs are Gadabout and Dancer. I can't wait to see what skills they have.

As for the new senior profession, only the silhouettes are revealed. Is it still a senior profession involving dancers?

There will also be an event quest to commemorate the first anniversary, and there's also an image of the Commemorative King Slime mega-monster defeat. There was also an image of Slamichi quickly saying that you'll get a flaming sword and a flaming shield as a first-anniversary login bonus.

There will also be a first-anniversary event. I can see some new skill-like things.

Changing the shape will add parts for the face and hairstyle.

Slamichi's line sounds like a pretty important piece of information...

Finally, a new corporate collaboration has been announced. The new company participating in the collaboration is convenience store chain Lawson. Lawson is located all over the country and is a good partner for location-based games. They are also considering collaborating with real stores, so expectations are high.

After the announcement of all the exciting new elements, we'll be announcing a new advertisement for the game's first anniversary. Kei Tanaka and Tomoya Nakamura, who are known to be Dragon Quest Walk enthusiasts, will act as brothers in the new advertisement, which will also be distributed as a web drama. We can't wait to see how the brothers will interact with Dragon Quest Walk.

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Kei Tanaka plays the role of the older brother. While jogging, he set himself the task of not returning home until he got an Andreal's Heart S, but he didn't play at all. He is a player who plays so hard that he managed to get an S in the last game after giving up and getting into a taxi after running for four hours.

Engadget Japan

Tomoya Nakamura plays the role of the younger brother. Three members of the party are advanced level 55, and the other one is level 45, but he is able to switch between the three advanced levels for each monster and event. He had been working on defeating mega-monsters until just before it was time for the presentation. The result, unfortunately, was the Dragon King's Heart D.

Dragon Quest Walk is celebrating its first anniversary, and with a new tagline of "Life with Walk," it looks like it's going to get even more exciting.

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.