Fall Guys, a game that's fun even if you are not good, DL it while it's free on PS Plus

I started out casually, with no fighting spirit...

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a battle royale action game that I looked at sideways because I have no sense enough to cry about action games. However, I did try the PS4 version, which is free to play if you're a PS Plus subscriber. Don't forget if you're a PS Plus member, as the free play here ends at 10 am on September 1.

How bad I am at action games, by the way, is the eternal C-band (bottom tier) in a grueling match in Splatoon 2. That's okay, I just want to paint a lot of Bold Markers.

I started Fall Guys casually with zero fighting spirit, but it's a fun action game for all kinds of people. It's probably even easier to recommend to someone than the Splatoon series. Because even though I don't seem to have an obsession with winning or the discipline to read the tutorials seriously, I was able to play it reasonably well.

This game is not only great to play, but also to watch. It's fun to watch your friends do it beside you, or watch the countless videos on Twitch. It's an intuitive game that doesn't rely on language as much as it does on the more complex rules of a shooter title, so it's also a lot of fun to stream from abroad. I was hooked on TheGrefg from Spain.

I can barely understand the Spanish this distributor speaks, but I can feel him.

He intersperses basic Spanish words like “vale” (OK), “vamos” (let's go), and “por que” (why) with very clear (and loud) interjections as he plays the gameplay live.

Especially with the Fall Guys, I can clearly see what's going on, so I'll say, "Oh, that was por que”.

I don't know what he's saying, but it's fun to watch him play in a nice, emotional way, not so much because he's so good at it. For some reason, watching his stream reminds me of a live football game.

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It's streamed by TheGrefg, who has a lot of reactions. Please check it out.

But this "Fall Guys" is a completely new game. So why is it free, even though it's only available for a limited time? We'll keep that in mind as we introduce you to the game. I think it's a "no" game in many ways, strategically.

No tutorial. You'll know about it in two seconds after you start.

Fall Guys is a collection of mini-games played on a giant stage that looks like a combination of a shopping center kids' area and an athletic facility.

Rules that take fewer words to understand. I love it!

Controlling a stocky, balloon-like character, 60 players challenge each other to an obstacle race, giant soccer, and other mini-games in a race for survival.

Poofy and cute characters. They run around making noises like "ho ho ho," so maybe these Balloon Guys are fun too. They tumble and get blown up rather well.

There's no need to explain the rules of the game. All you have to do is "run" and "jump", and occasionally you'll have to "put them out of their misery", but don't worry about it.

It's more fun to play with someone else watching you play than it is to play alone, and it's equally fun to cheer someone else's a bad play. In other words, it's a game where communication is the main flavor. I think the game's design makes it easy for people who aren't really interested in games to get into it. The music also has a cute indie girl band feel to it.

It's like I don't feel like I can survive, I do...

And if you were to say, "You're matching up with 60 people to fight," wouldn't that be exciting? Even if the visual is a balloon.

I feel like I can figure it out in two seconds, so I'm not in the mood to figure out a strategy.

The fact that the game is a game that even I have no game sense can figure out within two seconds of starting means that there is no chance to dig deep into the strategy, or even think about it. I don't have to let my intellect drive me, but it's fun.

If this were an FPS game, there would be a lot of tingling psychological warfare and it would be hard. But if you want to play it in a daze after a bath, lose and watch the game, Fall Guys is definitely more fun. If things go well, even I might be able to win...which gives me a faint hope.

But I usually fall out of the game.

I feel like I can accidentally win, but it's not easy to get to 1/60th of a game. It's usually around the second or third round that I'm eliminated from the tournament. After losing, you can leave quickly and move on to the next battle, or you can watch your rivals do well.

Engadget Japan

It doesn't get any stronger when you pay for it.

This game, like Fortnite, is for sale for the player's appearance and motions. In other words, you can't get stronger by paying for it. So even if the luxury balloon guy who charged plenty of money is running next to you, that rich balloon doesn't necessarily win. It can falter in a very odd way and drop out.

Of course, the Fashionable Guy can win, too. Congratulations!

The new game title is free.

Fall Guys entered the PS Plus free title upon its release. Up until now, older to semi-new hits have been mainly free, but this is a completely new game. And it's a 60-player, concurrently connected battle royale. How can a new game that costs money to run get into a free PS Plus title? In Sony's quarterly report released in August, the company states that "PS Plus has seen significant revenue growth". In other words, PS Plus is a money earner, and Fall Guy was deemed to be a title that would make the PS Plus stronger.

I realized that the world is full of players who are just as carefree as I am. Even we're PS Plus customers.

PS Plus is open to all PlayStation users who enjoy playing online on PS4, but it seems to be full of hardcore games. The fact that the game Fall Guys was released for free, a game that is extremely easy to play and can be enjoyed by a large number of people, is probably a milestone in the process of getting more people to enjoy PS Plus in the future.

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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