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The iPad Air (4th generation) and the Apple Watch Series 6/SE were also officially announced at the September 15 event, and some are beginning to say that the latter has arrived in hand. Meanwhile, there was no mention of the new iPhone, and numerous rumors continue to fly.

From leaked iPhone 12 Pro Max benchmarks to AirTag images, we've got a roundup of the latest Apple rumors.

Apple AirTag tracking device, a rendered image was released that is said to be based on the "actual"

Apple Watch Series 6 has been identified as having a UWB chip. A stepping stone to the AirTag tracking device?

Engadget Japan

Apple's tracking device, purportedly called the AirTag, was finally not seen at a recent new product launch event, although it was considered a strong candidate for an announcement. Renowned leaker Jon Prosser (the guy who publishes the most influential information about the hot unannounced product) has released what is purported to be a rendering of it. The reason why he went to the trouble of creating this image without showing the actual device is to protect the identity of his sources.

There is no logo on the front of this device, and all information, including the apple symbol, appears to be stamped on the back. There's also no hole to thread the strap through, as is common with anti-lost devices, but he says that a "keychain that has a little leather pouch on it that you can just slip your AirTag into" will be sold separately.

And he went on to say that the ultra-wideband U1 chip (perhaps in the form of an addition to traditional Bluetooth) will facilitate much of the AirTag's functionality. Apple's proprietary U1 chip boasts a high degree of accuracy in detecting positions within 10 cm, but until now it has only been used in the iPhone 11 series of AirDrop to "select the right person to send it to".

While predictions that the AirTag was "likely" to be announced at the recent event were missed, the Apple Watch Series 6, which was introduced at the event, has also been quietly announced as having a U1 chip. In other words, the prospect that Apple plans to include U1 in "most if not all of their products in the future," and make it "part of their entire ecosystem" has been confirmed.

The existence of the AirTag is being solidified by the iOS beta, the predictions of a well-known analyst, and most importantly, the testimony of a competitor (supposedly) Tile, who said that their products were removed from Apple-owned stores when the rumors started. With Nikkei reporting that the device is already in production, some sort of announcement is likely to be made soon in terms of release schedule.

Spotify criticizes Apple One for "taking away customers by favoring its own services" by discounting subscriptions together

Headphones are seen in front of a logo of online music streaming service Spotify in this illustration picture taken in Strasbourg, February 18, 2014. Spotify is recruiting a U.S. financial reporting specialist, adding to speculation that the Swedish start-up is preparing for a share listing, which one banker said could value the firm at as much as $8 billion. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann (FRANCE - Tags: BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT LOGO) - GM1EA2I1FZ401

When Apple One, which collectively discounts some of Apple's multi-subscription services, was announced, music streaming Spotify issued a statement criticizing it for its "dominant position and unfair practices" and "anti-competitive behavior".

Spotify is in direct competition with Apple Music in both music genres and price points. That's why it has long denounced Apple's treatment of its own service in the App Store as if it were favoring its own service, specifically claiming that it had induced premium members to pay more than Apple Music by charging a 30% fee for the Spotify app.

Apple One offers Apple Music (980 yen/month), Apple TV+ (600 yen/month), Apple Arcade (600 yen/month), and iCloud 50GB (130 yen/month) for a total of 2,310 yen worth of services for 1100 yen/month in Japan. That's a savings of 1,210 yen per month. In other words, it's the equivalent of getting the popular Apple Music and iCloud plus two more as a bonus, which once again puts Spotify at a disadvantage.

Apple responded immediately to this. In summary, Apple claims that the Apple One plan is for people who "love Apple's services and want more for less," and that it's up to the customer to choose it; it doesn't prevent them from canceling Apple Music and joining Spotify.

Leaked images of the "sport" version of the Apple stock over-ear headphones?

Engadget Japan

Along with the AirTag, Apple's original over-ear headphones called AirPods Studio, a representative of the "rumored but not yet released". An image of what is being described as its "Sport variant" has been released.

Shared on Twitter by one of the famous leakers, choco_bit, it's a bare-bones design that bears no resemblance to the AirPods. And it seems to fit with one of the two models rumored by Bloomberg: a "fitness-focused model made of light, perforated, breathable materials" and a "retro look".

However, Bloomberg reports that the earpads and headband will also be magnetically removable, and users will be able to replace them as they like. Maybe they can be light and breathable while in the gym or running, and stylish looking for everyday use at home.

The possibility that the photo is real is strengthened by another famous leaker, Jon Prosser, who warned that "exposing the real photo (rather than a rendered image) poses a great deal of danger to the information source".

Nevertheless, there was speculation that Apple would not include wired earbuds with the iPhone 12 series, but would roll out promotions and discounts for the traditional AirPods during the year-end sales season. It may be unlikely that the company will send out the AirPods Studio, which is expected to be in the low $30,000s and seems expensive for wireless headphones (though average for over-ear headphones) at that time of year.

A small AirPower? A video claims to be "Apple magnetic wireless charger prototype" released


Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat was officially announced but discontinued, but there have been several rumors since then that the development project has been revived. A video purported to be a "magnetic wireless charger prototype" has been released to support this.

The palm-sized round shape is compact compared to the original AirPower, which could (and was supposed to) charge three iPhones, an AirPods charging case, and an Apple Watch at the same time. But it makes sense if it's a smaller version of the rumored "two versions in preparation, one large and one small".

And the round shape and built-in magnets are also consistent with photos that show many magnets in the chassis of the iPhone 12. This means that the cumbersome task of aligning the charger with the smartphone itself will be a breeze.

Speaking of wireless charging for the iPhone, there was a theory that the iPhone 11 series should have two-way charging built into the hardware, which would allow it to feed the AirPods charging case, but it's been software-disabled. We're hoping this is the year, but the official certification agency's database suggests that the iPhone 12 battery capacity may be smaller than its predecessor, so it may be tough again.

Leaked iPhone 12 Pro Max benchmark results suggest it might be lower than SnapDragon 865 Plus


The benchmark results, purportedly from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the largest and high-end model in this year's flagship iPhone series, have been released on AnTuTu, and they're causing mixed reactions in various quarters.

Its overall score is higher than the iPhone 11 Pro Max and is one of the highest ever in the iPhone series of all time. While the previous model's SoC, the A13 Bionic, was on a 7nm process, the A14 is on a 5nm process, indicating a steady evolution.

However, the numerous accomplished leaker ice universe points out that it's not as good as Qualcomm's latest SnapDragon 865 Plus-powered Android high-end smartphones. He also predicts that the next SnapDragon 875 (with Samsung reportedly getting the exclusive order to manufacture it) will make a big difference to the A14. In other words, it suggests that high-end Android devices, such as Samsung's upcoming model expected to be named Galaxy S21, will have an advantage over the iPhone 12.

According to Taiwan's TSMC, which is the sole manufacturer of the A-series chips, the 5nm process yields reduction in power consumption of up to 30 percent, and up to 15 percent increased performance over the 7nm process. This is just a generalization, and if Apple focuses on power savings (the iPhone 12 series is expected to consume more power due to 5G support), the increase in processing power could be modest.

Another thing we can infer from the benchmarks is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have 6 GB of memory and 128 GB of internal storage and up. Famous leakers and analysts have also made similar predictions for the Pro model, and it seems likely to increase from 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage in the iPhone 11 Pro model in that order.

This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.