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This year, I've been hanging around on islands. First, there's the uninhabited island in Animal Crossing. It's a nice place. Then there's ‘Tsushima’ from Ghost of Tsushima for the PS4. This is a nice place too! I run around and slay the Mongolian army every day with a good feeling. It's a great open-world samurai game.

When I talk to people who are playing Ghost of Tsushima, I can't help but smile when I talk to them. The beauty of the nature and the people who live there are so interesting. In this article, I'll tell you about the charm of the game.

To begin with, where is Tsushima?


The setting of this game, Tsushima, is a nature-rich island in the Genkai Sea in Kyushu. The island's current affiliation is Nagasaki Prefecture. It is known for the Mongol Empire's invasion in Kamakura period. It is the so-called ‘Mongolian pirates’.

And if you look at the map, it is surprisingly close to another country.Try to see it on Google map. You should feel that the pirates are unavoidable.

Ghost of Tsushima is based on this story of the Mongolian pirates. And it depicts the scenery of Tsushima so beautifully. The scenery is so scenic that it makes you feel faint, and it makes you want to visit the real Tsushima. Even the wind is beautiful in this game.

A horse that I, as a bad player, can control in a cursory manner and still have a good blast.

How good it feels to ride my horse through the meadow! Long-distance travel is not hard at all. This is an important element in an open world.

What kind of person is worthy of this beautiful world? That's not so innocent........ It's a scum line. They're all people who go beyond expectations.

If possible, I'd like to fight fair and square, Jin Sakai

SAKAI and the Shrine. The photo mode in this game is insanely detailed and fun to set up.

The main character Jin Hitoshi is the young head of the Sakai clan in Tsushima. He fights day and night to save his uncle Lord Shimura from being captured by the Mongolians and to retake Tsushima. Sometimes you can see his face as Teruyuki Kagawa. He also plays the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) in his private life and composes Waka poems in front of beautiful scenery. He is a samurai with a great deal of talent in both literary and military arts.


I love this man's inner life. He is always torn between being a samurai and fighting with dirty hands. (What's "ghost" about this game, I think, is the darkness that Sakai has.)

For example, the player can voluntarily offer to fight against the Mongolian army in a one-on-one battle. In this case, Sakai's decisive line is "Send out your best !" He has a polite tone of voice that makes you think that he is the head of a samurai family. (Nice to see Mongol responding to a single combatant.)

However, this game also requires ninja-style stealth combat. Stealthily sneaking into enemy lines, creeping up behind Mongolian soldiers and cutting their heads off... it's super fun to do, I want to play in the dark the whole time. But you know, Sakai isn't fun. In fact, he hates it. Because he's an honorable samurai.

"I am a samurai. But I can''t win by doing things the right way." Please watch as Saki struggles with this. As for the battles, those who are used to playing action games may find them a bit unsatisfying, but the recently updated difficulty level of "Lethal" may satisfy you.

By the way, there are many hidden hot springs in Tsushima. Sakai likes to take a bath.


He' s thinking about war, women, food, etc.

If you're not careful, the game turns into a game of hidden hot springs and doesn't progress much in the main plot. I did the same thing with Death Stranding. That's a common occurrence in open-world games.

Fiercely Individualistic Women of Tsushima

I'll never forget the female characters in this game. They are the coolest. They are the furthest thing from "kawaii," and they're just so bloody and edgy in their statements. They're also rugged and tan in their appearance. (There's no way there's a pale, melon-faced princess hanging around on the battlefield.)

Take Yuna, for example, who saved Sakai's life. She's a thief. She's a big sister who loves her brother, but her tone is rough and rough, and she's always rebellious. She's not a benefactor character at all.


Sometimes you can even turn the game screen to black and white in 'Kurosawa Mode'. And the sound is beautiful, like an old movie!

Yuna's brother is a blacksmith. He is a young man who seems to have had all his guts sucked out of him by his sister. But he's a very good skill as an technician.

However, Yuna is a thief, "Well, I guess it can't be helped, can it? I thought. However, those who come from samurai families also have very strong personalities. The vengeful female samurai Lady Masako is the most difficult to handle despite her unfortunate background. Lady Masako's brutality will leave both players and Sakai amazed, so be sure to complete the Lady Masako event.

And it's not just the women who have problems. Ishikawa," the veteran archer Sakai calls "Sensei Ishikawa," is also a bit of a problem. At first I approached him with the intention of asking him to teach me a lesson, but as the story progressed, I became annoyed that I really shouldn't have helped the old man. The old man is prone to resentment.


The man in the front is Sensei Ishikawa. I'm sure Sakai is thinking, "I'm going to punch him one day."

The story and characters are very interesting, but I honestly don't want to be friends with anyone, and if these people were in my office, I would definitely ask for a departmental change.

Only nature and animals can heal the soul

Sakai confronts the Mongols while enlisting the help of these dangerous men. He is exhausted, both physically and mentally. He was cheated by the peasants he saved. Being a samurai is fun, but it's hard. It's just like the world of Akira Kurosawa. However, every once in a while I meet an animal that helps me heal.


Interaction with a fox. Their chirps and movements are mesmerizing.


Taking a nap with my horse. Changing equipment frequently, so sometimes we end up with a tacky outfit like a Jingasa (a soldier's cap) and armor. Sorry Saki!

But just be careful with the bears. They are stronger than the Mongols. If you come across a slugfest between the Mongolians and the bears, I recommend you to watch quietly from a distance. It's an act that has no samurai-like qualities, so maybe Sakai might not be willing to do so.

So, by all means, take a trip through the world of Tsushima! You'll meet all kinds of guys!

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