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It's mid-August when the removal of the popular game Fortnite from the App Store has sparked objections to Apple's 30% commission from the newspaper industry as well as gaming companies. One of Apple's revenue streams may also be at a major tipping point.

From a possible iPhone 12 launch event on September 10 to the new iPad Air that will be released next March, we've got a roundup of the latest Apple rumors.

Chinese firms hire over 100 engineers from TSMC in Taiwan (Nikkei Report)


TSMC is the world's most advanced foundry for the production of the A-series chips for the iPhone. The company had been in charge of manufacturing the proprietary Kirin chip for Chinese telecom giant Huawei, but in June it ceased receiving orders from TSMC due to the tightening of regulations by the Trump administration. In addition, the recent clampdown on access to semiconductors using U.S.-designed software and equipment has made it even more difficult for Huawei to procure chips from TSMC.

In such a situation, two Chinese government-backed startups are reportedly hiring more than 100 engineers from TSMC. Their chip process technology development is also being led by a former TSMC executive, and they are reportedly aiming for 14nm and 12nm technology, albeit a couple of laps behind the original, which is already reaching 3nm process technology.

As the fissures in the U.S.-China relationship deepen, including the Hong Kong issue, it should be nearly impossible for Chinese tech companies to access semiconductors using U.S.-derived technology in the future. Transactions with companies such as Samsung and MediaTek outside of TSMC may also be constrained, and it seems natural for the Chinese government to push for the extraction of talent as a national policy.

TSMC's industry leadership is not likely to waver anytime soon in the field of semiconductor production, where years of capital investment and elaborate systems are critical. But along with talent, trade secrets are a concern, and the company is making its manufacturing equipment suppliers pledge not to sell tools customized for them to Chinese companies, according to the report.

Apple's version of xCloud in preparation? Cloud gaming patent application revealed

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It turns out that Apple has filed a patent for 5G cloud gaming (a technology that runs games on an external cloud server and streams them as video to the player's device). That's not surprising given the recent cloud gaming craze, but the problem is timing. Just recently, just after Apple publicly stated that similar competitor services such as Microsoft's XCloud and Google Stadia would not be allowed on the iOS/iPad OS due to App Store guidelines.

All models in the upcoming flagship iPhone 12 (tentative) series are also expected to use 5G, but the service that can easily take advantage of its ultra-fast and ultra-low latency characteristics is cloud gaming, which focuses on beautiful screens and response to input. At Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 event, the Xbox Game Pass bundle, which includes xCloud, was also announced, with a view to linking the benefits of 5G to sales.

Apple's patent is about optimizing resources by properly balancing the load between cloud servers instead of relying on 5G's speed and low latency. While the patent doesn't necessarily mean that the product will be commercialized, it's at least transparent that the company may be working internally on the assumption that the iPhone 12 will be 5G compliant.

So Apple's refusal to make similarly structured xCloud and Stadia apps available in the App Store could raise suspicion that the company is trying to eliminate competing services. With cloud gaming nearly complete in the Android camp, including GeForce NOW, it seems that approval of other services in the App Store would be desirable for the iPhone to compete on an equal footing in the marketplace and make it more convenient for users.

Photos of four dummy models, believed to be from the iPhone 12 series, have been leaked


Apple has officially announced that the iPhone 12 will be released a few weeks later than usual, meaning it will be in early October at the earliest. If so, that's a few months away, and yet more photos of the dummy models have been released.

The photos that have been released show a total of four models, a 5.4-inch and two 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models. All of them have a straight, flat design with sides reminiscent of the iPhone 4, as rumored since last September, shortly after the iPhone 11's release.

However, one thing the dummy models leaked from third-party case makers have in common is that the notch on the front (the notch at the top of the screen) and the rear camera configuration remain unclear, since neither the notch nor the rear camera details are necessary to make a case for the iPhone (it's hard to use a case that covers both).

More than the design, we're concerned about the price - there are rumors that the company is pressuring suppliers to make the battery board cheaper to absorb the rising costs of 5G support, but if they don't, there's a risk that the price will be higher than the iPhone 11... ...and it's likely to call for fears.

New iPad Air with A14(tentative) to be released in March 2021? Rumor has it that the next iPad Pro will launch as early as September 2020

iPad Air 4
Engadget Japan

The new iPad series has been rumored since early this year, but with the exception of the iPad Pro (2020), there has been no sign of the new iPad series, perhaps because of the disruption to production networks caused by the spread of the new coronavirus, or perhaps because of the decline in consumer demand. Perhaps the most notable of these is the fourth-generation iPad Air, which is expected to be both inexpensive and high-performance.

According to Chinese tech site MyDrivers' "Overseas Sources," the iPad Air 4 (tentative) will be powered by the same A14 (tentative) chip as the iPhone 12 series, and will be released in March 2021. It will also feature a Magic Keyboard support with a built-in trackpad, an 11-inch Liquid Retina display, and USB-C connector, according to the sources. All of these are premium specs previously exclusive to the iPad Pro series and are claimed to be "positioned to fill the gap between the high-end iPad Pro and the entry-level iPad".

If it's offered at the traditional iPad Air price point, we'd welcome it, but it's also stated to cost $649, which is $150 more than the current third generation. Then it should be called the Semi-Pro instead of the Air, but we'd like to see that one hit what Taiwan Media and Industry Times calls an "affordable price".

MyDrivers also predicts that the new iPad Pro will be released in September or October of this year. However, if it has a mini-LED display (a technology that divides the LED backlighting into smaller pieces to achieve high contrast and dynamic range that can compete with OLED), it is unlikely to be available until early 2021, and if it doesn't have a mini-LED display, it will be timed to match the iPad Pro (2020) that was just released in March. is too close. Therefore, this prediction may be less credible.

Is the iPhone 12(tentative) announcement event on September 10? Apple tests live streaming and immediately removes it

Engadget Japan

It's not uncommon for Apple to have an announcement event first and launch at a later date. However, since the new iPhone won't be released until after the beginning of October, it was thought that there wouldn't be an announcement event in September, but suddenly Apple tested the official live stream. The date listed there was September 10, which has led to a lot of speculation.

The main screen is WWDC20, with the September 10 date below it. This date is the same as last year's iPhone 11 launch event, and it seems to be an obvious practice run, but with a famous leaker advocating the September 8th theory, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

The leaker also said that the Apple Watch Series 6 and the new iPad will be announced at the same time as the iPhone, and the Apple Silicon Mac with a proprietary chip will be unveiled on October 27th. Some believe that the new Apple Watch and iPad will be announced by press release only, but as expected, the historic turning point of the Apple Silicon Mac should not be a press release only. Maybe a major online event will be held in September or October.

This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.