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Finally, Apple has officially announced a special event on September 15 at 10 a.m. PDT, and we're counting down the days of new products. From the words "Time Flies", the new Apple Watch is sure to be announced, and the new iPad is also expected to be announced. What else will be on the horizon?

From the iPhone 12 reportedly are expected to feature 7P lens modules to the arrival of a cheaper Apple Watch model, we've got a roundup of the latest Apple rumors.

The Apple Watch Series 6 and the new iPad will be unveiled on September 15?

A cheaper Apple Watch Series 3 successor will be announced next week? The name is "Apple Watch"?

Engadget Japan

Shortly after Apple announced its special event announcement, Bloomberg quickly reported on the new product expectations.

As mentioned above, the new Apple Watch and iPad are almost certain. The former will be the "high end and low end" models - the Series 6, the successor to the Series 5, and a low-cost model based on the Series 3. And the latter is said to be the fourth-generation iPad Air with an edge-to-edge design (narrower bezels and higher screen occupancy) like the iPad Pro.

And in response to some speculation that there will be a surprise announcement of a flagship iPhone, Bloomberg completely denied it. That has been postponed until October, with the Apple Watch and iPad taking the lead at the event instead.

Bloomberg also mentioned the "small HomePod" and the first Apple-branded over-ear headphones (the so-called AirPods Studio). However, Bloomberg suggested that there may not be an announcement on the 15th, "for release as early as later this year," according to the report.

Jon Prosser, a well-known leaker (a leading source of high-profile unannounced product information), has largely affirmed these predictions for new Apple hardware: no iPhone 12 at the 15-day event, the new Apple Watches come in two versions: the Series 3 with a Series 4 design (a cheaper model with a larger screen) and the Apple Watch Pro (Series 6), and for the iPad, the fourth-generation Air and the eighth-generation entry-level model will be coming, he said.

Another point of interest in the Bloomberg report is that "the next updates to iPhone and iPad software are due to be released this month," meaning iOS/iPadOS 14 is expected to come in September. This would be unusual if the iOS major update is delivered before the announcement of the new iPhone, but if the new iPad is being released, it makes sense.

The Apple Watch EKG app just received medical device certification in Japan, and with watchOS 7 likely to be officially released immediately after the event on the 15th, Series 4/Series 5 users may soon be able to take advantage of it.

Will the iPhone 12(tentative) be released first with a 6.1-inch entry and Pro model?

Apple to start iPhone 12 production in mid-September; AirTags already in production (Nikkei report)


The iPhone 12 is "a few weeks later than last year", which Apple has officially acknowledged. So, it's currently in the spotlight to see which of the multiple models will be released first.

DigiTimes, an expert on Taiwanese supply chain information, reports that two 6.1-inch models are expected to appear in the first phase, and a 6.7-inch and a 5.4-inch model in the second phase.

The breakdown of this year's iPhone 12 lineup is likely to be 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch screen sizes for the relatively easy-to-buy entry models, and 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes for the more expensive Pro models. So the above prediction can be interpreted as "first the entry and Pro models in the same size range will be released, followed by the smallest entry and largest Pro.

However, major media outlets Bloomberg and familiar leaker Jon Prosser both expect the entry-level models (5.4 and 6.1-inch) to ship before the Pro models (6.1 and 6.7), contradicting the DigiTimes theory.

The Nikkei Asian Review did not mention the other three models, but said that mass production is expected to begin with the entry-level model with a 6.1-inch OLED screen and two rear cameras. In other words, whichever theory is the case, they agree that the 6.1-inch entry-level model is likely to be launched first. The article positions this model as the successor to the best-selling iPhone 11 of the 2019 model year, which is said to account for 40 percent of manufacturing orders, so it's no wonder Apple is making it a top priority.

The Nikkei Asian Review also reports that the AirTag, that can be used to find lost items, has already gone into production, which has been rumored since the end of 2019. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his insider information on Apple, expects AirTag to ship "tens of millions of units by the end of the year," and if you work backward from there, it's only natural that mass production is in its climax.

The AirTag is expected to be closely integrated into the standard iOS Find app. Meanwhile, iOS 14 will reportedly open up the Find app to third parties while imposing strict conditions, which may add fuel to the fire of the alleged antitrust violations surrounding Apple again.

'Apple One' subscription bundle clues, found from Apple Music for Android

Apple Music
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Apple has multiple subscription services such as Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade (as well as the magazine subscription Apple News+ overseas), but a clue to the preparation of Apple One, which brings them all together, has been discovered, according to a report.

9to5Google found the strings "Apple One (internal development code name "Aristotle")" and "Subscription Bundle" from within the latest Apple Music beta for Android. A sentence reads, "Your Apple Music subscription will be included in Apple One. You will not be charged for both subscriptions", and it's expected that those with an existing Apple Music subscription could be able to move to Apple One at no additional cost.

According to Bloomberg, which previously reported that Apple One is expected to launch in conjunction with the iPhone 12, the service will offer discounts on several of Apple's services.

The discount range won't be huge at $2 to $5 per month, but the rumors of a new virtual fitness service codenamed "Seymour" should entice many people. Combined with the fitness aspect of the Apple Watch, it could lead to a craze similar to Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure.

Apple reportedly orders a large number of foldable display samples for a potential future iPhone

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In addition to that, "an exclusive one-year supply of the volume," raises hopes that this is a step beyond in-house prototyping and toward commercialization. In addition to that, "an exclusive one-year supply of the volume," raises hopes that this is a step beyond in-house prototyping and toward commercialization.

On the other hand, Samsung also reportedly provided samples of the folding screen to Apple and Google shortly after the announcement of the first Galaxy Fold. Samsung's desire to expand its market as an OLED screen supplier and Apple's desire to keep the device advanced may have finally come to a close.

However, the folding iPhone prototype was just rumored to be a "prototype of two panels connected by a hinge" rather than a "single bendable display". With "both" rather than "either" being developed in parallel within Apple, it's possible that Apple is observing the sales of the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Microsoft's Surface Duo, which represent both methods.

The iPhone 12 series is rumored to feature 7P lens modules

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With recent high-end smartphones competing for camera performance, the supply chain reports that the iPhone 12 series will finally have 7P lens modules. As for the camera, there were rumors that the Pro model will be able to record 4K video at 120 and 240 fps, and the LiDAR scanner (3D sensor) will improve autofocus performance, but the lens information was quite rare.

According to Taiwan's DigiTimes, future iPhones (probably the iPhone 12) are expected to have 7P lens modules. Up until the previous iPhone 11 series, the upper limit was a 6P lens, which means that we can expect even better photo and video quality.

While four cameras are not uncommon in non-high-end devices, rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 12 series could have three cameras, even in Pro models. But if it does use seven lenses, iPhone photography will continue to evolve this year, and it's expected to become a major movement, spreading to other devices as well.

Earlier this year, a video of over five hours of footage of Russia's State Hermitage Museum, filmed using only an iPhone, was released to great fanfare. It looks like the iPhone 12 series is going to produce some great footage as well.

This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.