Is Sony on the fence about PS5 pricing?

Rumor has it that they are surveying consumers' opinions.

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It's been nearly a month since the design of the next-gen PlayStation 5 console was revealed at a video streaming event. However, the price has not yet been revealed. A hint was reportedly given that the reason for this is not because Sony is shying away from teasing it out, but because they are still unsure of the pricing.

Reddit user youesesbee has released a research email purportedly from Nielsen, the world's largest research firm. The text states that "the price of the new product (PlayStation 5) has not been determined" and then offers a "random price" for the standard model and editions that omit the optical drive and asks for their feedback.

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Its "random price" is £349 (around ¥47,000) for the standard model and £259 (around ¥35,000) for the digital version. The former is only slightly higher than the PS4 Pro's actual retail price (around ¥45,000) and is less than the PS3 20GB model (around ¥50,000 including tax). What's more, there's also a not-so-small gap between the price and the $499 (about ¥54,000) speculated from the French Amazon's inadvertent listing.

Based on the word "random," we're guessing that some users were asked for their thoughts on the higher pricing. And if Nielsen really did send it, it's likely that Sony officially asked for it. In other words, we can assume that Sony has a wide range of pricing options to solicit users' opinions, and that they are trying to figure out the line between "At this price, I'll just shut up and buy it" and "Maybe I'll wait until the bargain sale".

Nevertheless, there are rumors that the PS5's first year shipments will be narrower than the PS4's, and if the price is too attractive, there will be insufficient inventory and confusion and commotion in stores again. Therefore, there is a possibility that the price will be set high at the beginning, taking into account the number of units that can be physically produced and the reduction in production costs as time goes on, and then the price will be reduced in stages (in the usual PS series pattern).

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.


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