PS3はWiiの27倍お得という事実が判明した次世代・現世代家庭用ゲーム機サイズ比較では飽きたらず、手近にあったあらゆるものとWii (のモックアップ)を並べてみた写真集 @ GameFAQ Forum

WiiとDS LiteやWiiとゲームキューブ・PS2はともかく、Wiiとアタリ2600・ゲームギア、WiiとアルトサックスWiiと暗黒面、WiiとケチャップのボトルWiiと冷蔵庫・ 「WiiとWiiを買うための金」までくるともはや「Wiiとの比較による現代アメリカ人ナード大学生の肖像」に見えてきます。

Continue reading...以下に「比較とは何か」まで手が届きそうな写真とリンク多数。

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DS Liteと白黒Wii


Wii とDS Lite





Wiiとアタリ 2600



Wii w/ iPod

Wii w/ CD Case

Wii w/ DS Lite box

Wii w/ toy car

Wii w/ Rubik's Cube

Wii w/ Rubik's Revenge

Wii w/ PEZ Dispensers

Wii w/ pop bottle

Wii w/ ケチャップ

Wii w/ bubbles

Wii w/ telephone

Wii w/ Nemo

Wii w/ 80's Koosh Ball

Wii w/ '99 Yomega X-Brain Wing

Wii w/ Stagg High School Marching Shako

Wii w/ Sonic the Hedgehog Comic #25

Wii w/ 5 equisized Nintendo handhelds

Wii w/ クワイ・ガン・ジン

Wii w/ Mario learning card

Wii w/ space blanket

Wii w/ 3 NES games

Wii w/ Tellius

Wii w/ trumpet mute & mouthpiece

Wii w/ Webster's College Dictionary

Wii w/ Guidemap to Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Wii w/ Writer's Inc.

Wii w/ Wicked in Chicago souvenir program

Wii w/ Final Fantasy VII

Wii w/ Star Spangled Banner - Clarinet

Wii w/ Calvin and Hobbes

Wii w/ 1998 US Mint Proof Set

Wii w/ Blizzard, my White Tiger

Wii w/ Star Fox Bobble Head

Wii w/ Chug

Wii w/ Fender Strat

Wii w/ Game Boy Advance game box

Wii w/ the money I'll use to buy one

Wii w/ Luke's ROTJ lightsaber

Wii w/ Power Rangers (original) lunchbox

Wii w/ Bacon, Pizza, & Gummy Bear

Wii w/ Pokeball & Charizard

Wii w/ Selmer Reed Case, 4 Gonzalez Clarinet Reeds, & 6 Vandoren Clarinet Reeds

Wii w/ Ringo & the Yellow Submarine

Me holding my Wii

Wii w/ Upright Piano pedals

Wii w/ Beatles - Complete Scores

Wii w/ basketball

Wii w/ macaroni & cheese

Wii w/ Schroeder

Wii w/ the Golden Gate Bridge

Wii w/ Blue

Wii w/ Distilled Water

Wii w/ Lemmings Floppy Disk

Wii w/ Bill Nye book

Wii w/ Guitar tab book

Wii w/ Toilet Paper

Wii w/ Lava lamp that refused to warm up in time

Wii w/ Jabba

Wii w/ my bed

Wii w/ a stove

Wii w/ a refrigerator

Wii w/ high school John Philip Sousa award

Wii w/ VHS video case

Wii w/ my alto sax

Wii w/ a dreamcatcher

Wii w/ my high school NHS honor cords

Wii w/ my clarinet section leader binder

Wii w/ my ticket to a local drum corps show (headlined by The Cavaliers)

Wii w/ CD half-inserted

Wii w/ DS Lite

Wii w/ Chicago Bulls championship locker room hats

Wii w/ Master Locks

Wii w/ Graduation presents for my friends (all girls, obsessed with my copies)

Wii w/ 27" TV

Wii w/ a $40 star chart

Wii w/ 2 year old college applications

Wii w/ geode

Wii w/ laptop 1

Wii w/ laptop 2

Wii w/ USB plug

Wii w/ Wii

White Wii, Black Wii, $2 Bill

Front of dollar bill with front of Wii

Wii w/ CD on top

Wii in the Toilet

Ebony and Ivory

Wii w/ Telescope

Wii w/ my half-stack

Wii w/ DDR Dance Pad

Wii w/ Millenium Falcon

Wii on Top of the World

Wii w/ Bike

Wii's Dark Side

Wii w/ Wavebird receiver AND normal GC controller plugged in

'nother cool Black Wii, White Wii, DS Lite pic

Wiimote coming to life, 2, 3

Wiimote and DS Lite:

GC cables plugged into Wii

Wii, Wiimote w/ Piano (Wii spands a minor 10th, the Wiimote a major 7th)

Wii, Wiimote w/ paperback Tess of the d'Urbervilles (I couldn't find my copy of Catcher in the Rye...)

Wii, Wiimote, GC power brick, GC A/V cable, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

N64, GC, Wii controllers
, 2

Wiimote w/ GC Wavebird

Wiimote w/ N64 Controller

Wiimote w/ NES Controller, 2, 3

Wiimote w/ Atari 2600 Controller, 2

Wiimote w/ Game Boy

Wiimote w/ Pikachu Edition Game Boy Color

Wiimote w/ Game Boy Advance

Wiimote w/ Nintendo DS

Wiimote w/ Nintendo DS lite