Logitechが波形キーボードWaveとレーザーマウスMX1000をセットにした新コードレスデスクトップ製品 Wave Proを発表しました。日本のロジクールでも売っているWaveはキーがなだらかな弧状に配置されているほか、キーの高さも押す指の長さに対応して起伏を描いている手と肘に優しいキーボード。

付属するワイヤレスレーザーマウスMX1100はMX-Revolutionに似た右手用マウスの新製品。ホイールはMX-Rとおなじく、慣性で一気にスクロールできるフリースピンモードとクリック感のあるモードを切り替えられる「マイクロギア・プレシジョン・スクロールホイール with ハイパーファストスクローリング」(短くいうと革命ホイール)を採用しています。レーザーセンサーの感度は最大1600dipの切替式。単体で販売されるMX1100は単三電池 x2本で9か月という電池交換式ですが、Wave Proに付属するバージョンは充電式となっています。バッテリー駆動時間は7分充電で一日、7時間フル充電で最大6週間。充電しつつ使用できるUSB充電ケーブルも付属。

Cordless Desktop Proの発売時期は米国で10月、欧州で11月半ば予定。価格は米ドルで$130となっています。単体版MX1100マウスは8月末からUS$80で販売予定。続きはプレスリリース本文。Logitech Offers You Its Highest Level of Comfort with Cordless Desktop Wave Pro

Popular Wave Keyboard Now Available with New, Exceptionally Comfortable MX1100 Mouse

FREMONT, Calif. - Aug. 19, 2008 -Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) is now offering you its highest level of comfort with the introduction of the Logitech® Cordless Desktop® Wave Pro™ keyboard-and-mouse combination. The second-generation Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro combines the field- and laboratory-tested comfort of the Logitech® Wave Keyboard™ with the exceptionally comfortable, rechargeable Logitech® MX™1100 Cordless Laser Mouse. If you're looking to upgrade your mouse only, a battery-powered version of the MX1100 mouse will be sold separately.

"Independent research clearly demonstrates that the Wave Keyboard can help improve the comfort of your typing experience," said Denis Pavillard, vice president of product marketing for Logitech's keyboards and desktops. "The keyboard's wave-like shape is popular because it provides comfort without requiring people relearn how to type, unlike traditional ergonomic keyboards. And with the addition of the MX1100 mouse, which was designed according to ergonomic principles, our new desktop gives you even more comfort than the original Logitech® Desktop Cordless Wave™."

Wave Keyboard Improves Comfort
According to an independent study by Peter W. Johnson, Ph.D., of the University of Washington, the Logitech Wave Keyboard improves comfort. Combining three distinctive elements, the newest Logitech keyboard offers you an innovative wave key frame, a U-shaped constant curve and a cushioned, contoured palm rest. In comparison to ergonomic keyboards, you can use a Wave keyboard immediately – there is no learning curve. The Comfort Wave Design guides your hands and cradles your fingers to create a naturally comfortable typing experience.

MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse
A perfect complement to the Wave keyboard, the MX1100 mouse is designed to support the naturally curved shape of your hand. Logitech's newest mouse features an elegantly contoured, full-size shape that fits your hand for maximum comfort, providing exceptional palm support.

When sold in the desktop bundle, with its included USB plug, the MX1100 mouse allows you to fully recharge your mouse while you're working – you don't need to stop what you're doing. A 15-minute charge gives you enough power for up to one day. A 7-hour charge provides up to six weeks of power. Or, for your convenience, plug the USB cable into the included AC adaptor and recharge your mouse using any available wall outlet. (When sold separately, the stand-alone MX1100 offers up to nine months of battery life and uses two AA batteries.)

The mouse's MicroGear™ Precision Scroll Wheel has two scrolling modes, including hyper-fast scrolling for flying effortlessly through long documents and Web pages. Eight programmable buttons allow you to get to the information, the Web pages, the files and the applications you want – fast. With software installed, a stealth thumb button makes application switching easy and zoom controls allow you to zoom in and out of documents with the press of a button. The mouse also features adjustable dpi (up to 1,600 dpi), which can come in handy when editing an image at the pixel level or, alternatively, when you need to move the cursor quickly within a document.

Logitech's Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
To give you a secure, reliable signal in a busy wireless environment, such as an office, Logitech's advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology dramatically reduces interference, effectively eliminating delays and dropouts. In fact, Logitech's wireless technology exchanges data between the receiver and the mouse 300 times faster than conventional 27 MHz wireless technologies for cordless mice – and 800 times faster than conventional 27 MHz wireless technologies for cordless keyboards. Plus, Logitech's advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology provides 128-bit AES keyboard encryption for advanced security.

By optimizing the power management system, the improved wireless technology delivers a 3-year keyboard battery life – Logitech's longest lasting – effectively eliminating the hassle of changing batteries.

Pricing and Availability
The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in October and in Europe beginning in mid-November for a suggested retail price of $129.99 (U.S.). When sold separately, the Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in late August and in Europe beginning in mid-September for a suggested retail price of $79.99 (U.S.).