Greystripeというモバイル広告企業が、アドビと連携してFlash広告をiPhoneやiPadへ配信する技術を提供すると発表しました。FlashデータをリアルタイムにHTML5へ変換することで、FlashをサポートしないiPhone / iPadでも広告の表示を可能にするというものです。技術の詳細は追って明らかになる予定。以前お伝えしたSmokeScreenと似た仕組みにも見えますが、いずれにせよアドビ本家がそのような技術を認める日がこれほど早くくるとは驚きです。


Greystripe Delivers Adobe Flash Authored Ads Across iPhone, iPad, Android and Mobile Web

San Francisco, CA – June 7, 2010 – The leading independent mobile advertising network, Greystripe, announced today they are collaborating with Adobe to provide rich media, interactive ad solutions across Android, iPhone, iPad and the mobile web. Greystripe is working with Adobe to widen support for these ad solutions across the digital advertising ecosystem, which will be detailed in forthcoming announcements.

The ad solution is comparable to Apple's recently introduced iAds unit; however, unlike iAds, they will be authored with Adobe® Flash® authoring tools, priced at a fraction of the cost, and come in both expandable banner and full screen interstitial formats. Since Flash is the standard for developing rich media digital advertising, these solutions will give brand advertisers and digital agencies the ability to retain full control over ad development, reduce costs by preserving existing workflows while enabling support for HTML5, provide advertisers reach across all major desktop and mobile platforms, and decrease the time between ad concept and delivery.

"Our collaboration with Adobe underscores our commitment to bringing engaging, rich media, cross platform ad solutions to our advertisers," said Michael Chang, CEO, Greystripe. "We're thrilled to announce this proven alternative to iAds and offer digital agencies and brand advertisers the broadest possible reach across platforms and devices worldwide."
"We are committed to providing agencies the best tools and a consistent and ubiquitous Flash runtime to create digital ads and deliver them across desktop and mobile platforms," said Ricky Liversidge, vice president, Product Marketing, Flash Platform at Adobe. "By working with Greystripe, a leading provider of Flash authored advertising for mobile devices, we enable agencies to benefit from the power of the Flash platform while also targeting devices with HTML5."

Greystripe will offer its technology to deliver Flash authored ads as HTML5 to mobile devices that do not support Flash Player (such as the iPhone and iPad); these ads will be supported in both applications and on the mobile web. Greystripe's new technology for Apple's Safari web browser will allow real-time transcoding of Flash authored creative work to HTML5. For Flash enabled devices, tablets, and smartphones like the Nexus One with Android OS 2.2, Flash authored ads will be easily delivered through Greystripe's ad network, which consists of over 2,500 mobile applications across iPhone, iPad, Android and Java.

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