MimoのUSBサブディスプレイに10型タッチモデル iMo Monster Touch

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2010年07月12日, 午後 01:21 in mimo
このところ大量に発表されている タブレット製品ではありません。USBサブディスプレイのMimo Moniters に、10型でタッチスクリーンの iMo Monster Touch が加わります。仕様は「クラス最上級」を自称する 1024 x 600 ピクセル、輝度 350cm / m2、コントラスト比 400:1、厚さ27mm、重量 806g など。背面には折りたたみスタンドを、側面にはスタイラスを収納可能。接続は USB 2.0 ケーブル一本のバスパワー駆動。加えて 2ポートUSBハブの機能もあります (ACアダプタ付属)。OS は Windows 2000以降および Mac OS X (インテルMacのみ)。米国価格は 259.99ドル。もっと解像度が欲しい場合は 1366 x 768 の製品(タッチなし) もあります。MimoMonitors.com Brings iMo Monster 10-Inch USB Touchscreen Monitor to the US Market

Expanded Display Area of 10" Monster Improves Mini-Monitor Capabilities for Video Viewing, Graphic Design, Retail POS, Business Applications, Social Media, and a Range of Personal & Industry Uses

PRINCETON, N.J., June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- MimoMonitors.com once again raises the bar in the USB-driven mini-monitor industry with today's announced availability of the long-awaited iMo Monster 10" Touchscreen Monitor among their line of products available at www.mimomonitors.com. Now the largest in the submonitor class, the iMo Monster stretches the screen real estate from the previous standard of 7 inches to a full 10.1 inches of display area, while also adding new features and upgrades.

Easily portable with a fold out stand for tablet style use or mounting, the iMo Monster is only 1-inch thick, weighs just 1.77 lbs. and features a best-in-class 1024 x 600 resolution – offering sharp graphics and clear images for video, graphics, and a full range of business applications. With full touchscreen capabilities, the 10" Monster is ideal for Point-of-Sale (POS) data input, signature capture, educational software, Photoshop tool palettes – as well as providing the versatility for use in health care, hospitality, retail, education, sound/video editing, and other industries.

Supporting both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems, the Monster allows users to de-clutter their crowded, primary desktop monitor and offload applications such as web browsers, Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word, plus social networking platforms like Tweetdeck, media players, chat windows, and more.

Like all Mimo and iMo monitors, the Monster requires just a single USB 2.0 connection for both connectivity and power – meaning no extra VGA cables or video cards. The Monster also features a built-in stylus for touchscreen use, two additional USB input ports, 4.5-inch USB cord, Kensington lock compatibility, and is EnergyStar certified.

Available today at www.mimomonitors.com, the iMo Monster is priced at $259.99 plus shipping. For more product information, visit http://www.mimomonitors.com/products/imo-monster-touch-10-inch-mini-usb-touchscreen-monitor.
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