IncipioのLinqはiPod nanoを腕時計化するケースとベルトのセットです。iLoveHandlesのRock Bandよりは出遅れましたが、よりポップなデザインで、カラーもブラック、ブルー、ピンク、ホワイト、グレーと沢山あります。ケースは「もろいiPod nano」を守るという次世代ポリマテリアル(?)、ベルトはベルクロです。名前の由来はiPod nanoの時計、メディアプレーヤーというふたつの機能をつなぐ(link)ことから。10月頭には発売になる予定で、お値段は24.99ドル。替えのベルトも9.99ドルで発売されます。

Incipio is taking a whole new design path with this wrist-warn carrying solution for the iPod nano. Meet the most rugged carrying solution for iPod nano produced to date, the Linq™. This is for users who already have or aspire for a lifestyle of action. Linq™ provides the user with an all-day, everyday accessory that may be worn effortlessly but always boldly.

The Linq™ design was born from the logical "link" between the idea of the iPod nano existing simultaneously as a timepiece and a media player. Linq® is your ultimate watch, built to endure a rugged lifestyle. Your once fragile iPod nano is not so fragile anymore as it sits in Incipio's award winning Next Generation Polymer material securing to the wrist with a nylon and Velcro interchangeable strap. This durable and rugged iPod nano carrying option is a perfect solution for users who want to keep all functions of the nano close at hand (literally) at all times. Now you can wear your 6th generation iPod nano all day, everyday without a hint of it ever being worn (or torn).

"Our entire design team at Incipio is obsessed with watches both old and new. This product was fun and exciting to work on. We can't wait to carry our iPod nano media players on our wrists" stated President, Andy Fathollahi.

Linq™ available beginning of October for $24.99 including strap. Each additional strap is $9.99.