Nokero N200 はソーラーパネルと充電池を備えたLEDライト。日中は陽のあたる場所に下げておき、一日の充電で約6時間、明るい「ターボ」モードで約2.5時間以上点灯します。平坦なソーラーパネル部分は傾けて太陽のほうに向けられるほか、下にひっくり返して置きランプにすることも可能。

電球型のシルエットやわざわざネジ状になったフック部分などは洒落たデザイン小物風ですが、メーカー Nokero では送電インフラが不十分で照明を化石燃料に頼っている地域での使用を想定しています。このため風雨に耐える防水 (防沫) 構造、交換可能な単三 NiMH 充電池で約2年駆動、ランプそのものは手入れをすれば5年以上使用可能など仕様は意外と実用的です。

電気も来ていない地域で売る上で重要な価格は「15ドルまたはそれ以下」。現在は開発途上国を含む各地域での流通経路確保に取り組んでいるとのことですが、リンク先メーカーサイトではひとつ20ドル~3個以上は 17ドル / 個 ~ 1ケース48個なら15ドル / 個 プラス送料のサンプル価格で個人向けにも販売中です。

Solar light bulb takes on 190 million ton pollution problem

Denver CO (Nov. 18, 2010) - Sometimes the great ideas are the simple ones, and this certainly holds true for the new solar light bulb coming from the creative minds at Nokero International Limited, the Nokero N200.

Small, lightweight, and durable, the Nokero is billed as humanity's best chance at ending the dangerous and polluting practice of burning kerosene fuel for lighting. A quarter of the world's population still burn fossil fuels for light, leading to the release of 190 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year – that's the equivalent of 30 million cars.

Replacing kerosene with solar is no easy task. A solar light must be durable, rainproof, long-lasting, and bright enough to be useful in the dark of night. Perhaps more importantly, it must be affordable – even to those who make $2 US a day or less.

The Nokero N200 meets all these requirements, and is also the brightest solar bulb for the money on the market. The company is aiming to see it retailed in world markets for around $15 or less.

Users would no longer have to pay for kerosene or other fuels, so could recoup the money in a matter of weeks or months, depending on market factors, and the bulb is designed to last two years before the battery must be replaced. Once replaced, the recyclable, nickel-metal-hydride battery can keep the bulb functioning for five or more years, if well-cared for.

Nokero also makes a useful tool for home, garden, and camping for ecologically-minded people living in the developed world. The company sells the bulb at bulk rates to dealers and distributors, who can then offer the bulb at reduced rates domestically and abroad. However samples of the Nokero N200 are available for a premium at

Bulb performance

The Nokero N200 has three modes: On, Off, and Turbo-Task. The bulb can last six or more hours on one day's charge, or 2.5 hours per night or more in Turbo-Task mode. The Nokero's N200 single solar panel can be pivoted toward the sun to maximize charging efficiency in the day, and at night the light can be hung, or set inside to provide light.

About the Nokero N100

Nokero attained notoriety with the introduction of its first solar light bulb, the N100, in June of 2010. The company has sold more than 50,000 N100s since then, and has launched pilot projects on six continents.

The Nokero N100 is still available for sale in small quantities and in bulk, and is 30 percent less expensive than the Nokero N200. As the most affordable solar light of its kind in the world, the N100 is an appealing option for people in impoverished regions who desperately need light, yet don't have the funds to buy expensive solar systems.

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