Lian Li から巻き貝型アルミPCケース PC-U6 " Cowry "

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2011年05月16日, 午前 09:03 in aluminum
高品質アルミケースで定評がある割には Xbox 360の交換シェルや DIY向け蜘蛛型ベンチ台などユニークな企画も多い台湾聯力 ( Lian Li ) から、また奇怪な外見の「スペシャルエディション」PCケース PC-U6 " Cowry " が発表されました。Lian Li いわく、PC-U6は「自然からインスピレーションを得て、特定のニッチ層にアピールする」製品。従来のユニークなデザインのPCケースが主にゲーマー向けだったのに対して、" Cowry " はインテリアの一部として、またユーザーのセンスの反映として新たな層にも訴えかける製品と解説されています。

PCケースとしての仕様は Micro-ATX または Mini ITX 基板に対応、5.25インチ光学ドライブベイ x 1、内部は3.5インチベイ x 3 と 2.5インチ x 2。すべてツールレスでマウントでき、手で締められる制震サムスクリューが付属します。側面のぐるぐる部分は全体がメッシュになっており、エアフローは側面 12cm ファン x 2で吸気・背面 8cmファンで排気。ハイエンドグラフィックボードなど310mm長までのカードに対応するPCI スロット4本 もエアフローの一部になっています。またケース下部の電源部分は上の基板部分と分割されており、洗えるメッシュフィルタつきの底面吸気・背面排気仕様。

そのほかチューブが通せる水冷対応、前面下部の I / O パネルにUSB 3.0 x 2とeSATA x1、オーディオポートなど。見せPCケースではお約束のLEDイルミネーションも用意されており、ケース下部の曲線に沿って設置する530mm の赤色LEDストリップが付属します。PC-U6は今月から、日本円にして3万円台半ば程度で販売予定。続きはエアフローの方向やファン径が製品ページの説明と違っていたりするプロモ動画。

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Special Edition PC-U6 Cowry Mid-Tower Chassis From Lian Li

A Piece of Art, Not Just A Box To House Components

10 May 2011, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd, maker of high-end, all-aluminum computer chassis since 1983, today launches the all-new and extremely stylish special edition PC-U6 Cowry: an all-black, PC case with design characteristics of a seashell. This unique PC chassis provides users with a computer case that exhibits personality and craftsmanship while breaking free of simply being a box to house components. Inspired by nature, the Cowry appeals to a very specific niche. It is not meant to be hidden under a desk but instead incorporated into its surroundings as a part of decoration and reflection of taste. Until now, PC chassis with unique designs have been marketed towards gamers. With the Cowry an entirely new demographic will begin looking at how their computer case can act as an artistic expression.

The PC-U6 Cowry is extremely versatile with plenty of build space. Users can mount three 3.5" and two 2.5" internal HDDs. All of the HDD mounts are tool-less and come with anti-vibration thumb screws with rubber suspension. Externally, one 5.25" ODD tool-less mount is located at the top of the front-panel. Four, ventilated PCI slots are located on the back-panel with enough space to mount graphics cards as long as 310mm. Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards mount using thumb-screws within the PC-U6 Cowry as well as a standard ATX PS/2 power supply unit, that mounts at the base of the case right above ventilating holes protected by a washable air filter.

Lian Li's special edition Cowry is thermally-optimized as well. Two side-panel 120mm fans keep airflow constantly circulating to prevent heat buildup. Both fans are protected by washable air filters. A fan speed control-switch has been included as well, allowing users to adjust fan speeds as desired. To further aid airflow, designers have incorporated ventilation holes on the front and rear panels of the PC-U6 Cowry and both are protected by washable air filters. Two, rubber-ringed holes are also included for users to be able to easily mount a liquid cooling system.

This special edition PC case comes with two USB 3.0 ports, one e-SATA port, and HD audio ports; all are located at the base of the front-panel. Also included is one USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 converter. Lian Li has also included cable clamps and openings throughout the case to aid in the internal organization of users' computers. Sparing no expense, for users who wish to add some color to highlight the uniqueness of this case, a 530mm red LED kit is included and can be mounted easily.

The special edition, all-aluminum, PC-U6 weighs in at 4.5kg. Its dimensions are 219mm x 500mm x 410mm (W, H, D).

Traditional Durability

The essence of Lian Li is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality of Lian Li's products is their customization capabilities, which include a whole host of optional extras that can be added to an already feature rich product. For more details on features and extras available for the PC-U6, please go to the Lian Li website:

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