HTML5デザインツール Adobe Edge プレビュー1 提供開始、Flash的なモーション&インタラクション制作向け

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2011年08月2日, 午前 06:51 in adobe

アドビが HTML5 デザインツール Adobe Edge のプレビュー版をリリースしました。昨年の Adobe MAX 2010イベントで初公開された Adobe Edge は、現在 Flash が使われているようなアニメーションやインタラクティブコンテンツを HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript で製作するプロ用ツール。Adobe はFlashのオーサリングツールで製作したリソースを HTML5に変換する実験的技術 Wallaby も提供していますが、Edge はネイティブでHTML5 を扱います。

仕様も環境も流動的なHTML5と最新のウェブ標準規格を扱うため、Edge はベータ以前の段階から一般に提供し、広くフィードバックを募って取り入れてゆく開発手法を採っています。今回リリースされたのはそのパブリックプレビューの第一弾。リンク先 Adobe Labs から Mac OS X / Windows版を無償でダウンロードできます。機能は「できたところまで」の開発中ながら、いわゆる試用版のような制限はありません。

続きはAdobeの発表文と、約15分の紹介動画。最初の2分ほどがツールの狙いと位置づけ概説、残りはテキストや図形、SVGに簡単なモーションや変形を施して広告を作るアプリ紹介となっています。Adobe Edge は Preview 1 以降も機能を追加しつつ順次プレビューをリリースしてゆき、2012年に製品版を出荷する見込みです。

Adobe Releases Early Preview of New HTML5 Web Motion and Interaction Design Tool

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the first public preview release of Adobe® Edge, a new HTML5 web motion and interaction design tool that allows web designers to bring animation, similar to that created in Flash® Professional, to websites using standards likes HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Because of rapid changes around HTML5, the company is adopting an open development methodology for Adobe Edge and is releasing the software on the Adobe Labs site much earlier than normal in the development process – before it even reaches beta – in order to allow user feedback to help shape the final product.

"Over the last year Adobe has delivered on several significant HTML5 milestones including contributions to jQuery, submitting code to WebKit, and enhanced HTML5 output in Creative Suite® 5.5"

While in public preview, Adobe Edge will be a no-charge download that web designers are encouraged to explore and provide feedback on, to help shape future preview releases. To download the software, visit

Adobe Edge, first shown at Adobe MAX 2010, is ideal for designers who want an efficient way to leverage Web standards like HTML to create Web content with motion and transitions. Adobe Edge is being designed as a fast and lightweight professional-grade tool that complements Adobe's existing Web tools, such as Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5.5, Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 and Adobe Flash Builder® 4.5 software.

"Over the last year Adobe has delivered on several significant HTML5 milestones including contributions to jQuery, submitting code to WebKit, and enhanced HTML5 output in Creative Suite® 5.5," said Paul Gubbay, vice president of Design and Web Engineering, Adobe. "Now, with Adobe Edge, we're taking our HTML5 tooling to a whole new level and look forward to getting some really useful feedback from the community over the next few months, as we refine the product."

The Adobe Edge preview works natively with HTML. It enables users to add motion to existing HTML documents without hampering design integrity of CSS-based layouts, and it also enables users to easily create visually rich content from scratch, using familiar drawing tools that produce HTML elements styled with CSS3. Users can import standard Web graphics assets such as SVG, PNG, JPG and GIF files and style them using CSS3. The design stage utilizes WebKit to enable design, preview and manipulation of content with incredible fidelity. The innovative timeline feature is both familiar for creative professionals and breaks new ground in animation productivity to enable users to define and customize motion applied to HTML elements with extreme precision. Content created with Edge is designed to work on modern browsers including those on Android, BlackBerry Playbook™, iOS , HP webOS and other smartphone mobile devices as well as Firefox™, Google Chrome™, Safari™ and Internet Explorer 9™.

This Adobe Edge public preview is available today on Adobe Labs as a no-charge download for anyone wanting to explore adding motion and animation to their HTML workflow or HTML animation to their skill set. Creative professionals are encouraged to dive into the public preview and provide their feedback at The Adobe Edge preview is expected to be updated regularly as new functionality is added.

This summer Adobe is sponsoring the Expressive Web Tour HTML5 Camps in cities that include San Francisco, Tokyo, New York City and London to continue providing further support to people interested in HTML5.

In addition, Adobe has launched a new online resource showcasing some of the newest and most expressive HTML5 and CSS3 features being added to the modern Web. The new site, which was released today in beta, was created using new HTML5 and CSS3 features.

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