MeeGoなどAndroid以外のOSでAndroidアプリを動かす独自VMソフトウェア Alien Dalvik で知られる Myriad が、今度は iPad で Android アプリを使うデモを公開しました。新バージョン Alien Dalvik 2.0 の特徴は、デバイス上ではなくクラウド側でVMを動かすこと。高速なサーバ側で独自のAndroid環境を実行した結果をH.264ストリームとしてクライアント側の端末に転送し、ユーザーからはローカル実行しているように見せかけます。

iPad で動かした様子は続きに掲載した動画をどうぞ。iOSアプリとしてホーム画面に並ぶ Androidアイコンをクリックすると Myriad 独自のAndroid ホーム画面が開き、アプリやウィジェットをそのまま操作できます。ユーザーの操作がサーバに届いて帰ってくるまでのレイテンシがあるため高速なアクションゲームなどは原理的に厳しいものの、アニメやリアルタイムのゲームもそれなりに動いていることが確認できます。またクラウド実行なので、端末側のプロセッサ速度やメモリ量、ストレージの制約を受けないことも利点。要はリモートデスクトップや、PCゲームのストリーミングサービスのような技術です。

今回のデモには iPad が使われているものの、サーバサイド実行なのでクライアント側のOSや端末の種類を問わないことも利点。Myriad ではタブレットだけでなくデスクトップやテレビ、さらには車載システムなどへの展開も見込んでいます。Alien Dalvik 2.0 は2012年の前半にもリリースされる予定。

Myriad's Next Generation Alien Technology Brings Android to Apple

06 October 2011

Myriad Alien Dalvik 2.0 to extend Android apps to tablets, TVs, automobiles and more, creating new revenue opportunities and opening up Android ecosystem to new sectors
Alien Dalvik 2.0 to remove technological barriers to create consistent user experiences and mobilize content across multiple platforms and screens, taking the headache out of fragmentation and content management
Myriad to demo Android apps on Apple iPad, for the first time, at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011

ZURICH, Switzerland – October 06, 2011 – Myriad Group AG (SIX: MYRN), a global leader in mobile technology having shipped over 3.8 billion software apps on more than 2.2 billion phones, today unveils Myriad Alien Dalvik 2.0. Building on the successful launch of Myriad Alien Dalvik, Myriad's latest Alien release will not only enable Android apps to run across non-Android smartphone platforms, but will now enable the Android ecosystem to be extended across multiple devices and screens such as tablets, e-books, TVs, automotives and even avionics. Myriad will be showcasing Alien Dalvik 2.0 and its multi-screen strategy, demonstrating Android apps on Apple iPad for the first time at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011 next week.

"We have seen incredible momentum in Android adoption, but we are just scratching the surface," said Simon Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer, Myriad Group. "Digital screens such as Internet- enabled TVs and in-vehicle displays, along with other consumer devices like tablets and e-books are proliferating at an astounding rate. Consumers are driving multimedia evolution and are demanding more converged multi-screen services. With Alien Dalvik 2.0, we are creating a more flexible, consistent user experience by mobilizing content such as live sports, recorded TV shows and on-demand movies, so users can enjoy content seamlessly from one device to the next."

Alien Dalvik 2.0 is the first step towards creating a single app standard and marks yet another key milestone for Myriad Android innovations. Alien Dalvik 2.0 enables the majority of Android apps to run unmodified using Android Package (APK) files. This in turn allows app store owners and publishers to quickly transcend multiple platforms and screens, leveraging existing software and middleware, all without compromising performance. Furthermore, Alien Dalvik 2.0 enables developers to create once and use many times, while allowing operators, OEMs, and even enterprise to streamline app rollout - taking the headache out of platform fragmentation and content management.

From a user perspective, Alien Dalvik 2.0 is completely transparent and installed without user disruption. Users simply enjoy the same rich Android ecosystem they have become accustomed to via mobile on other key screens, such as playing Angry Birds on HDTV. This all while gaining faster access to a wider range of apps, thus encouraging a higher frequency of downloads and increased ARPU.

"As demand for multi-screen services grows, and as the telecommunications industry becomes a content business, service providers will have new opportunities to leverage their service delivery platforms and collaborate with content providers to develop converged multi-offerings. Alien Dalvik 2.0 provides a great alternative to OEMs and service providers who want to harness the Android ecosystem, while leveraging existing investments and retaining control of their customer experience," added Wilkinson.

From application components to complete device integration, Myriad provides best-in-class Android solutions. As a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), Myriad has exceptional expertise in runtimes and has been playing a key role in Android solutions since its early days.

When partnering with Myriad for Android app development or porting, operators, OEMs and app store owners will benefit from Myriad's broad portfolio of services, strong knowledge of embedded software systems, rich heritage in Java technology and expertise in second screen solutions for Blu-ray and set-top box markets.

Myriad will be showcasing Alien Dalvik 2.0 in action, demonstrating Android on the Apple iPad at this year's CTIA Enterprise & Applications in San Diego from October 11th-13th at Myriad's Hospitality Suite at the Hilton San Diego Bay Front, 1 Park Boulevard, directly adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center.