Seagate が HDD とSSDを組み合わせた「SSHD」(ソリッドステート・ハイブリッドドライブ)製品 Momentus XT の第二世代モデルを発売しました。750GB HDDに高速なSLCタイプのSSD 8GB、32MB RAMキャッシュを内蔵することで、大容量と高速性の両立をうたいます。フォームファクタはノート用の2.5インチ・9.7mm厚、インターフェースは新たに SATA 6Gb/s 対応。

よく使われるデータを自動的にSLC NAND SSDに配置し最適化する Adaptive Memory 技術のほか、新モデルではシステム起動時間を最高65%短縮するという FAST Factor 起動、さまざまなOSやドライバ環境下でハードウェア / ファームウェア / フラッシュメモリをシームレスに統合して扱う FAST Factor フラッシュ管理を採用します。Seagate Momentus XT 750GB は5年メーカー保証付きで各国市場向けに出荷中、メーカー想定価格は 245ドル。

訂正:初出でRAMキャッシュの量を32GB としていた部分を32MBに修正。タイプミスです。おわびして訂正いたします。

Cupertino, Calif. - November 29, 2011 - Tip for revving up the speed of your laptop PC: Slip in a new Seagate (NASDAQ:STX) Momentus XT drive for faster computing, snappier gaming and lickety-split boot-up!

Seagate is now shipping the second generation of Momentus XT, its groundbreaking solid state hybrid drive for consumer and commercial laptop personal computers. With a simple drive installation, users can boost boot-up speed and overall performance to transform the use of an ordinary laptop or desktop computer into a high-performance computing experience. Momentus XT is available at online retailers Amazon, Canada Computers, CDW, Memory Systems, NCIX, Newegg, and TigerDirect, and seven original equipment manufacturers are gearing up to ship laptops powered by Seagate's fastest laptop drive ever.

"Personal computer users are creating and using more documents, photos, video and other digital content than ever before, driving strong demand for systems that deliver the highest performance they can get their hands on," said Scott Horn, vice president of worldwide marketing at Seagate."Seagate's second-generation Momentus XT is serving up solid state drive (SSD) speed, more storage capacity and simple, easy installation at an affordable price for even better, faster computing."

"High-speed storage devices make a difference when it comes to improving overall PC performance," said John Rydning, research vice president at IDC. "Seagate's newest Momentus XT gives notebook PC users an economical option for boosting PC performance while at the same time providing spacious storage capacity all in one device."
The Momentus XT drive is three times faster than a traditional hard disk drive, delivering speeds rivaling much pricier SSDs. The all-in-one design of Momentus XT makes installation for system upgrades simple, easy and affordable: the drive works in any laptop or desktop computer and with any operating system.

Momentus XT – Satisfying the need for speed
The Momentus XT hard drive delivers a massive 750GB of storage capacity and owes it speed to a Serial ATA 6Gb/second interface, 8 gigabytes of high-speed Single Level Cell NAND flash, 32 megabytes of drive-level caching and Seagate's Adaptive Memory and FAST Factor technologies. Adaptive Memory works by identifying data usage patterns, and then moving the most frequently retrieved information to the embedded solid state memory for faster access – effectively tailoring hard drive performance to each user and their applications. FAST Factor blends the strengths of SSDs and hard disk drives into a powerful device for faster access to applications, quicker bootup and higher overall system speed.

Now shipping in volume worldwide, the Momentus XT hard drive is backed by Seagate's 5-year limited warranty. Manufacturer's Suggesting Retail Pricing (MSRP) for Momentus XT 750GB is $189.