Wii 用の羽根アメフトボールアタッチメントボウリングボールアタッチメントなど、斬新なゲーム周辺機器を展開する CTA Digital が、今度は米陸軍との提携を発表しました。はい、正真正銘の米陸軍です。これにより同社は、陸軍ブランドのゲーム機器を販売できるとのこと。さっそく PlayStation Move を差し込む形の PS3 用ガンコントローラ(DualShock互換、アサルトライフル型)や、3D サラウンド対応ヘッドセット、PS3 / PC 向けの Bluetooth ヘッドセット、あるいは Xbox 360 用マイク、ただのバックパックなどが発表されています。発売はまもなく。それにしても米軍は無料ゲームの配布、ゲームセンターの支援と、裾野の拡大を着実に進めている感じです。

CTA Digital Announces Partnership with U.S. ArmyTM

Gamers are now in Full Battle Rattle with official U.S. ArmyTM rifle controllers, backpacks and headsets from CTA Digital

Brooklyn, NY - CTA DigitalTM (http://ctadigital.com) today announced a partnership with the U.S. ArmyTM to manufacture U.S. ArmyTM branded video game accessories. Virtual soldiers on the video game battlefield can now take pride in Being Army StrongTM. Rifle controllers, backpacks and headsets with an authentic U.S. ArmyTM design are some of the many items that will soon be available.

"We're proud and honored that the Army chose to work with us." said Sol Markowitz, CEO at CTA DigitalTM, "We're looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership."

Some of the peripherals will include:

U.S. ArmyTM Elite Force Assault Rifle for PlayStation 3 & Move
U.S. ArmyTM Commando Assault Rifle for PlayStation 3 & Move
U.S. ArmyTM Sniper Action Rifle for PlayStation Move
U.S. ArmyTM Universal Gaming Backpack for Wii, PS3, Xbox & Kinect
U.S. ArmyTM Universal Gaming Headset With 3D Effect for PS3, Xbox & PC
U.S. ArmyTM Bluetooth Throat Mic Headset for PS3 & PC
U.S. ArmyTM Throat Mic Headset for Xbox 360

In keeping with CTA Digital's successful line of battle gear accessories, new products will include two Assault Rifle controllers for PS3 that can operate like DualShock controllers. These controllers will have all the functions of the Dualshock mapped out on them, including the R1 button linked to the trigger. Positioning of buttons and thumb-sticks have also been adjusted in order to create a more comfortable gun for both right and left handed users. Both these rifles will be compatible with all popular PS3 first-person-shooters, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Battlefield 3.

For Move players specifically, another gun accessory will be the U.S. ArmyTM Sniper Action Rifle for PlayStation Move, with which they can closely match their in-game weapons of choice by removing the detachable scope, rear stock or muzzle. This Sniper Rifle will be compatible with all Move titles, including Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Socom 4.

For gamers on the move, the three compartment U.S. ArmyTM Universal Gaming Backpack for all major game consoles will keep things organized and protected, and comes in a black army-camo design. Consoles will be sheltered in the cushioned main compartment, while pockets organize other gear.

U.S. ArmyTM style multi-player communication is now squared away with CTA's new wired and wireless options. The U.S. ArmyTM Universal Gaming Headset with 3D Effect for PS3/XBOX/PC is compatible with all major systems, including PS3 Network, Xbox Live, PC, Macintosh, iPod and iPads. RCA piggyback cables, adjustable mike boom, 14' cable, mute and game/chat volume controls make the universal headset an ideal solution for serious gamers.

The U.S. ArmyTM covert style throat mike headsets are available, wired for both Xbox and a Bluetooth version for PS3 and PC. The throat mike removes extra microphone noises while the in-ear speaker bud provides clear, crisp audio. Sensitive enough for whisper chatter in battle, these headsets are made for intense team coordination in games like Call of DutyTMand Gears of WarTM.

These U.S. ArmyTM licensed products from CTA Digital will soon be available at major retailers.