Android で MS Office が利用できる OnLive Desktop

Haruka Ueda
Haruka Ueda
2012年03月2日, 午後 05:00 in android

iPad にはマイクロソフト公式 Office アプリが登場しそうな気配ですが、Android にも 援軍がやって来ます。OnLive は iPad 向けに提供中のクラウドデスクトップサービス OnLive Desktop を Android タブレット向けにも公開しました。Android から Windows 環境の Word / Excel / PowerPoint、それに Adobe Reader を呼び出して利用することができます。

仕組みは iPad 版、あるいは OnLive の元祖であるゲームサービスと同じで、クラウド側の Windows 環境をストリーミングで利用するというもの。実体は OnLive 側のクラウドにありますので、端末をまたいでも同一アカウントから同一環境を利用できます。

料金プランは iPad 版と同じで、2GB のクラウドストレージ付き基本プランは無料。Flash 対応ウェブブラウザも利用できる Plus プランは月4.99ドル。50GB ストレージに、PC ソフトウェアの追加もできる Pro プランは月9.99ドル。

ただしサービス自体は残念ながら今のところ米国限定。まもなく英国でもサービスを提供するとのこと。対応製品も Acer Iconia Tab A500、ASUS Eee TF101、Motorola Xoom、Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 / 10.1、HTC Jetstream などに限定されています。

Groundbreaking "OnLive Desktop" App Released for Android Tablets

OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of instant-action cloud computing, is pleased to announce that its revolutionary OnLive™ Desktop App is now available for Android® tablets, bringing full Microsoft® Office apps, Adobe® Reader® and, with the OnLive Desktop Plus service, gigabit-speed1 accelerated browsing regardless of the tablet's local Internet speed and local computing capability. The free OnLive Desktop App, released in the Android Market to select Android tablets2, delivers no-compromise, media-rich, instant-response Windows® applications including Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® software and Adobe Reader for PDFs, along with 2GB of cloud storage. OnLive Desktop Plus, available for $4.99/month at, provides all OnLive Desktop Standard features plus OnLive's gigabit-speed accelerated browsing experience. Already available on iPad® and coming soon to smartphones, PC, Mac®, TVs and monitors, OnLive Desktop delivers instant access to your personal desktop on all devices, so that if you use OnLive Desktop on Android, and then later use it on iPad, you will have the same files and browser Favorites (with OnLive Desktop Plus) on both tablets, with automatically-adjusted screen resolution.

Running remotely on powerful PCs in the cloud that are connected by Gigabit Ethernet to the Internet, OnLive Desktop utilizes OnLive's patented instant-action cloud gaming technology to deliver a seamless PC application and Web experience, instantly responsive to multi-touch gestures, as well as a full PC on-screen keyboard, handwriting recognition and optional Bluetooth® PC-compatible keyboard or mouse.

"Android tablets are a great platform for OnLive Desktop," said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. "With full HD resolution, PC keyboard/mouse support and available 4G LTE, Android tablets deliver an excellent experience with full Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader PC applications, not to mention gigabit-accelerated browsing through OnLive Desktop Plus-even over 4G LTE."

OnLive Desktop Plus brings the world's fastest browsing experience, whether over Wi-Fi- or 4G LTE-connected Android tablets. Regardless of your local connection speed, even the most complex websites-including ones that would take minutes to load over your local connection-load in seconds, instantly delivering fully interactive animation, video and sound. A 50 megabyte file from cloud storage (e.g., Dropbox) or a 15 megabyte attachment from Web email (e.g., Gmail™, Yahoo!® Mail, etc.) can literally download or upload in less than a second, resulting in an utterly transformative Web experience. And, despite the astounding speed improvement, OnLive Desktop Plus can dramatically reduce Web browsing data usage, since only the top layer of the currently visible part of a website is ever sent over the local connection. Essentially, OnLive Desktop delivers only what you can see or hear at a given moment, potentially reducing data usage by a factor of 10 or more.

The free OnLive Desktop app is available for select Android tablets and iPad now in the United States. Smartphones, PC, Mac and monitor/TV support (via the OnLive MicroConsole™ thin client with Bluetooth keyboard/mouse) are coming soon-with your same OnLive Desktop available by login from any device. Support for the United Kingdom and other countries is coming soon. OnLive Desktop can be accessed anywhere, on any device, at any screen resolution, preserving application and browser files between devices.

Set up your free OnLive Desktop account at OnLive Desktop services include:

· OnLive Desktop Standard, FREE!-Available Now!

- As-available3 access to OnLive Desktop, with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader
- 2 GB of secure cloud storage, appearing as your Documents folder on OnLive Desktop
· OnLive Desktop Plus, $4.99/month-Available Now!

- All features of OnLive Desktop Standard and...
- Priority access to OnLive Desktop
- Cloud-accelerated Web browser1, with:
§ Lightning-fast transfer of Web mail attachments (e.g., from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail) and cloud storage files (e.g., from Dropbox)
§ Full Adobe Flash and Acrobat® PDF plug-ins
· OnLive Desktop Pro, starting at $9.99/month-Coming Soon!

- All features of OnLive Desktop Plus and...
- 50 GB of secure cloud storage, appearing as your Documents folder on OnLive Desktop
- Ability to customize OnLive Desktop with additional PC applications

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