Children will be wowed this fall when they meet the FURBY creature, the adorable new plush friend that appears to develop a distinct personality based on the way kids play with it. Through a combination of interactive programming and robotic engineering, Hasbro has created a 'magical' creature with 'A MIND OF ITS OWN.' Feed it, speak to it, tickle it or play music for it – the personality of each FURBY is shaped by these experiences. Play nicely with FURBY and it may develop a sweet personality or pull, shake, and turn FURBY upside down and a mischievous demeanor may evolve. FURBY has numerous personality possibilities! Emotional and unpredictable, FURBY will let kids know how it feels through a series of animations displayed in its expressive LED eyes and the more kids play with FURBY the more FURBY changes. Tickle FURBY and hearts may appear in its eyes; feed it a hot pepper and you may see fire in FURBY's eyes. From hip hop to pop, pizza or sushi, each FURBY reacts differently depending on its personality...even if it's a satisfied burp after a big meal. When children first bring FURBY home it will speak FURBISH and the more FURBY interacts with its owner the more English it will start speaking. Each FURBY can also recognize another FURBY; place two side-by-side and they will interact, including dancing together to the same tune or having a conversation. For additional interactive FURBY fun, owners can visit the App Store to download the free FURBY app. Using the FURBY app, children can virtually feed their FURBY, access a FURBISH to English dictionary, and use the FURBISH to English translator (Not all functions of the App work with older devices.). At launch, FURBY will be available in six vibrant colors with four more fun colors available by the end of the year. Visit for more FURBY fun. Four "AA" batteries are required and not included. FURBY is available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on