E Ink 、電子ペーパー技術の競合 SiPixを買収

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2012年08月6日, 午後 01:49 in e ink

電子ペーパーディスプレイの E Ink が、競合メーカー SiPix を買収することを発表しました。E Ink は SiPix 株式の82.7%を買い取ることで合意に達しており、今後100%の取得を目指すとのこと。金額は約15億台湾ドル。

SiPix はシリコンバレーと台湾を拠点にする電子ペーパーのメーカーで、E Ink の技術と特性は似ているけれど原理は違うマイクロカップ式の製品を販売してきました。業務用の価格ラベルや容量表示ディスプレイ、サイネージなどさまざまな分野を扱い、電子ブックリーダーでも ASUS DR-950 や Bookeen Cybook Orizon など、数は少ないもののいくつか採用例がありました。

電子ペーパーディスプレイといえば消費電力の低さや反射型の読みやすさから電子ブックリーダー専用デバイスに採用されてきましたが、最近は iPadを始めとするカラー液晶タブレットが電子ブックもカラー雑誌も動画もゲームもいける汎用性と実用的なバッテリー駆動時間で人気を集め、本屋のアマゾンもB&Nもカラー液晶版タブレットを導入するなど、電子書籍専用機そのものの需要が落ちたことで収益的にはあまり芳しくない状況です。

E Ink はコンシューマー向けの電子ペーパー採用リーダーでは アマゾン Kindle や B&N Nook、ソニー Reader 、楽天が買った Kobo などに採用されすでに市場のほとんどを占めていますが、SiPix の買収でより幅広い製品ラインナップを揃え、知財ポートフォリオを強化することになります。E Ink によると、SiPix の買収は当局のお許しを経て今年第4四半期には完了する見込み。

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Complementary ePaper technology adds to E Ink's portfolio of offerings

Hsinchu, Taiwan - August 3, 2012 – E Ink® Holdings, "E Ink" (8069.TW), the global leader in electronic paper and LCD technologies, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to buy shares of SiPix Technology, Inc. (STI) and its wholly owned subsidiary SiPix Imaging, Inc. (SII), the maker of electronic paper displays. Established in 1999, SiPix, based in California and Taiwan, makes micro‐cup technology based electrophoretic displays.

The combined company will offer a vast portfolio of ePaper products that will allow it to expand its existing markets and diversify into newer applications. E Ink's ePaper offers the best digital reading experience. It is easier on the eyes, consumes a fraction of the power compared to traditional displays. It is readable in sunlight, lightweight, rugged and field proven with over 50 million ePaper displays being used worldwide.

"E Ink is committed to growing the ePaper market and the purchase of SiPix shares is part of our long term growth strategy," said Scott Liu, Chairman of E Ink Holdings. "Our goal is 'E Ink On Every Smart Surface' and we are continuing to make investments in technologies that will open new markets for our ePaper displays."

"In the recent past, we enabled an entire eReader market with our electronic paper," said Felix Ho, Vice Chairman of E Ink Holdings. "Today, E Ink's products are finding homes in a number of new applications which can be better served with the inclusion of SiPix's products, technologies and intellectual property to our portfolio."

This purchase shows E Ink's strong commitment to electronic paper displays. In the past 15 years, E Ink has made substantial investments in inventing, designing, manufacturing and marketing ePaper displays to create new markets.

E Ink and SiPix's customers will now have a wider portfolio of products and technologies to choose from with a larger global network of offices to support customers in different geographies. With this purchase, E Ink will have the widest offerings of ePaper technologies, a larger set of products and a stronger patent portfolio.

E Ink currently enjoys over 90%+ share in the eReader market with customers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookeen, Ectaco, Hanvon, iRiver, Kobo, Sony, Wexler and others. E Ink also makes ePaper displays for Signage, Electronic Shelf Labels, Battery and Memory Indicators, Wrist Watches, Credit Cards, Mobile Phones and a variety of other applications. Its customers include Epson, Pervasive Displays, Motorola, Lexar, Citizen, Seiko, Toppan, Invue, Eton, Motion Display, Neolux and many others.

E Ink has reached an agreement to buy 82.7% of SiPix's (STI) shares and is seeking to buy up to 100%, which is valued at approximately NT$1.5 billion. After customary regulatory approvals, the final closing is likely to be during Q4, 2012.

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