PrimeSense、「世界最小の3Dセンサ」 Capri を発表。1月のCES 2013で披露

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マイクロソフトの Kinect や ASUSのPC用センサー Xtion シリーズに奥行き認識技術を提供しているイスラエル PrimeSense が、より安価で小型の3Dセンサを発表した。Capri 1.25 と名付けられたこの3Dセンサは、Capri PS1200 SoC という新しいチップを採用しており、従来の PrimeSense 製 3Dセンサの約10分の1のサイズとなっている。そのため、これまでなかった機器への搭載など応用の可能性が広く、タブレットやノートPC、携帯電話にも埋め込みが可能とされている。

PrimeSense は、2013年1月8日~11日にラスベガスで開催される CES 2013 でCapri とリファレンスデバイスの公開を予定しており、2013年半ばにはOEM向けのサンプル出荷を開始する。「世界最小」「従来品の1/10」をうたうものの、現時点では写真も公開されていない。

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PrimeSense™ Unveils Capri, World's Smallest 3D Sensing Device at CES 2013

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PrimeSense™ (, the leader in Natural Interaction and 3D sensing solutions, today announced the launch of its next generation embedded 3D sensor, Capri, demonstrating a revolutionary small form factor and low cost. PrimeSense will debut Capri as part of its World of 3D Sensing suite at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas, January 8-11 at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

PrimeSense's breakthrough reference design utilizes Capri - PrimeSense's next-generation of depth acquisition System on Chip, with improved algorithms including multi-modal 3D sensing techniques. Capri System on Chip together with the new Reference Design provides the most versatile 3D sensing platform available today, in the tinniest form factor, making it ideal for embedding in consumer electronics devices such as PCs, All –in-One PCs, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, TVs, consumer robotics and more. Samples for development and integration for leading OEMs will be available by mid-2013.

"Using cutting-edge technologies, our newest generation of sensors is robust, accurate and affordable," said Inon Beracha, CEO, PrimeSense. "With a mind-blowing size reduction, Capri's size is about x10 smaller than the PrimeSense's current generation of 3D sensors and it is certainly the smallest 3D sensor in the world. Capri is small enough to fit into today's most popular Smartphones while still providing the highest depth performance (short and long range). We see Capri adding depth sensing and Natural Interaction to numerous devices and markets, revolutionizing the user experience and usability in ways that no one could imagine until now".

PrimeSense will demonstrate the Capri at the 2013 International CES in its suite: Renaissance Hotel, second floor Capital room, Las Vegas January 8 – 11.

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