Fulton Innovation introduces tablet that doubles as Qicompatible mat

WPCの設立メンバーとして毎年先進的な無線給電技術を公開してきた Fulton Innovation が、CES 2013にあわせて「Qi 対応充電パッドになるタブレット」技術を発表しました。タブレットの背面にスマートフォンを近づけることで、タブレット側のバッテリーで携帯を充電できます。

続きに掲載したデモ動画の冒頭でドーンと掲げられる文句は「LIFE IS ABOUT SHARING」、生きることは分かち合うこと。あとはだいたい予想がつくとおり、食べ物もアイデアも電池の残りも、という流れです。

タブレット側ももちろん Qi での無線充電に対応しており、本体を充電するときはほかの充電パッドに載せて、ほかのデバイスを充電するときは背中合わせで、と双方向の送電に対応した点がキモです。

Fultonはこのほか、独自のインテリジェント無線送電技術 eCoupled の一部として、スマートフォンとタブレットなど要求する電力の違うQi 対応デバイスを複数同時に充電できる充電パッドや、スマートフォンやタブレットを近づけると音がなったりするインタラクティブポスターと無線給電を組み合わせた提案などをCESで展示する予定。

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Display Shows eCoupled™ Technology Powering an Interactive Poster that Plays Music, and a Surface that Charges Multiple Devices at Once – All Without Wires

LAS VEGAS – January 7, 2013 – Fulton Innovation, the creator and exclusive licensor of eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power, is showing the first ever example of two-way wireless power at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. Using the Qi global standard for wireless power set by the Wireless Power Consortium, Fulton will demonstrate a tablet being charged wirelessly, which in turn is used to charge a Qi enabled mobile phone. By simply placing the two devices back-to-back, the power transfers wirelessly between them (Video: bit.ly/VSzTpF).

In yet another demonstration of the flexibility of wireless power, Fulton will be showing an interactive printed poster with an illustration of a DJ console that can actually be played. Music is made by tapping the speakers, mixer, and turntable, while placing the same tablet that wirelessly charges a mobile phone near the poster for power. The combination of printed electronics and two-way wireless power creates a new way of connecting to consumers through interactive posters, magazines, food packaging, and more.

Using its new Adaptive Resonance technology, Fulton will demonstrate a surface that wirelessly charges multiple Qi-compatible devices at once. Placing the phones or tablets on one pad will charge simultaneously, recognizing and adapting to the power needs of each devices.

Various embodiments of wireless power will be on show in Fulton's suite to demonstrate how the technology can transform everyday lives:
• A set top box and TV that automatically turns on or off when the remote is removed or placed on the box, where it charges a super capacitor with no batteries when not in use.
• Wireless kitchen appliances that use direct power, rather than charging like mobile phones.
• Tablets and laptops with medium power requirements that charge without wires on an eCoupled-enabled conference table.
• Home furniture such as side and coffee tables that charge any of the 10+ million Qi devices in market today.
• The new Nokia Lumia phone that charges without wires while it's inside a handbag, demonstrating wireless charging over a distance.
• Examples of packaging that combines printed electronics with wireless power to attract consumers with flashing lights and sound.
• A collection of the latest Qi mobile phones on the market embedded with wireless power including the Google Nexus 4, HTC Droid DNA, and Nokia Lumia 920 and 820.

"We're excited to return to CES as it allows us to showcase the next generation of wireless power innovations developed by our award-winning team of scientists," said Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced Technologies for Fulton Innovation. "We've spent the last 14 years contributing to the wireless power industry and now our technology is built into 70% of the 10+ million Qi-based devices on the market today. Wireless power is rapidly becoming a must-have feature in the latest smart-phones and we're proud to be a part of the rapidly-growing market."