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Dacor's Android oven packs 1GHz processor, 7inch screen, heat handson

CES 2013 ではサムスンが Evernote アプリ対応4ドア冷蔵庫を披露する一方、大型調理器具の老舗 Dacor はAndroid組み込みのウォールオーブン Discovery IQ をデモしています。

Discovery IQ はオーブン向けコントローラ部分の名称。大型オーブンのコントロールパネル部分中央に7インチのタッチ画面があり、組み込みの専用 Android アプリを通じてオーブンの各機能を操作・設定・管理できます。

面白いのは、家電用の組み込みOSとしてAndroidをベースに使っているわけではなく、Google Play まで使えるフル機能のAndroid が入っていること。画面にはタスクスイッチポタンやWiFi アイコンなど見慣れたAndroid 4.0 の UI がそのまま表示されており、その気になればウェブを見たりツイートしたり、レシピで分からない部分を検索するなど、Android端末として使えます。

もちろん Android タブレットを埋め込んだだけではなく、専用のアプリはオーブンの各機能とつながっています。アプリでできることはレシピを探す、調理する分量を入力して調理時間やモードを設定する、温度など状態をモニタする etc。調理時間が長く並列作業することが多いオーブンらしく、調理の終了や状況をスマートフォンなどに通知することもできます。実際のデモの様子は続きの動画をどうぞ。

Billy Steele contributed to this report.

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Industry leader of innovative design and concepts for the kitchen will showcase the
world's first built-in Android oven at premier media event.

City of Industry, CA (USA) – January 4, 2013 – Dacor®, a market
leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of luxury kitchen
appliances since 1965, announced today their participation in two
premier media events surrounding the world's largest and most
important technology tradeshow of 2013 – International CES. Dacor
plans to stun the media by revolutionizing the appliance industry with
the world's first wall oven featuring the integrated Discovery IQ™ Controller for Android™. It will
be presented for the first time at CES Unveiled: The Official Press Event of the International
CES held on Sunday, Jan. 6 from 4-7pm at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, South Seas Ballroom C, in
Las Vegas and at Showstoppers, the global leader in technology showcases, during
International CES 2013, held on Tuesday, Jan. 8 from 6-10pm at the Wynn Hotel, Lafite
Ballroom, in Las Vegas.

Dacor is responsible for many industry firsts including the 30" Self-Cleaning Pure Convection™
Wall Oven, which set the standard for this built-in appliance category. The Discovery™ 30" Wall
Oven represents Dacor's 9th generation of 30" built-in wall ovens. The company's dedication to
continuously manufacturing innovative luxury appliances is evident here. Specifically, the
Discovery Wall Oven connects the kitchen to the home via a new industry exclusive – the
Discovery IQ Controller, which is the first Dacor oven to feature Wi-Fi connectivity.
With the Discovery IQ Controller, home chefs can expect the latest
technological advances for the kitchen running on the Android OS platform.
Powered by a Samsung 1GHZ Processor and 512MB DDR2 RAM, the built-in
controller is exclusive to Discovery™ Series Wall Ovens. The controller rounds
out with complete Wi-Fi connection capability and is equipped with stereo
sound and a PowerVR SGX 540 graphics processing unit delivering an exciting
multimedia experience through a 7" LCD glass touch screen panel.
The graphic user interface (GUI) is easy to use and is the most
recent collaboration from Dacor and BMW Group DesignworksUSA,
an international leader in design strategy, premium design
development, and brand communication. With the built-in Discovery
IQ Controller home chefs can access the Dacor Discovery IQ
Cooking Application and Guide while simultaneously downloading
other popular applications through the Google
Play Store,
researching new recipes or viewing cooking video demonstrations wirelessly through a home WiFi network.
The Discovery IQ Controller with interactive cooking application and guide can also be accessed
remotely by the home chef throughout the home with their own Wi-Fi enabled tablet or smart hone. The IQ eliminates the guesswork associated with preparing popular dishes and family
recipes by way of a pre-programmed guide. It enables users to prepare a wide range of dishes to
perfection with the touch of a finger. Simply select the desired recipe from the display menu,
insert the dish, initiate the program and relax as the oven takes care of the rest. Additionally,
when the desired cook time has been reached, the oven will place the dish on warming mode,
keeping food warm until ready to serve.
With Dacor's proprietary IQ application, the kitchen takes on a life of its own. Once a dish is ready
to serve, the IQ will notify the chef via text message or push notification. Should the wall oven
encounter a problem or require maintenance, IQ will notify the owner with an error message and
an automated report will be sent to Dacor for troubleshooting. To ensure optimal IQ and oven
performance levels, automatic system updates and self-diagnostics will be downloaded directly to
the IQ Controller via Wi-Fi from the Dacor server.
"The Discovery IQ is truly a revolutionary wall oven controller that has raised the bar for cooking
convenience and performance. It has set the standard for the connected kitchen of the future as
the first wall oven with an integrated Android controller and Wi-Fi connectivity," said Steve
Joseph, President of DACOR.
By combining oven technology with the insight of the IQ Controller and cooking application, Dacor
is empowering the novice cook to perform at expert levels with a simple swipe of a finger. With
control features such as Guided Cooking, Quick Start Guide, My Recipe Box, and Slow Cook
Mode, home chefs are almost guaranteed to cook all their favorite dishes to perfection.
In addition to the exclusive IQ Controller, the new Discovery 30" Wall Oven is built with core
features signature to Dacor, such as a 4.8 cubic foot oven cell capacity to prepare large poultry or
for multi-rack cooking; exclusive Four-Part Pure Convection™ System which reduces cooking
time, provides superior heat distribution and eliminates flavor transfer; GreenClean
Technology which cleans light build-up in 30 minutes without the use of high heat or harsh
chemicals; and GlideRacks™ equipped with a convenient easy-pull handle which allow the home
chef to move heavier dishes in and out of the oven easily. And to top it all off, personalize
your Discovery Wall Oven by selecting one of two handle options, the professional Epicure®
stainless steel handle, or the proprietary Dacor integrated stainless steel handle, for a flush
contemporary look.
The new Discovery 30" Wall Ovens with exclusive IQ Controller are targeted for production during
the Summer of 2013 - $7499 UMRP for a 30" Double Wall Oven and $4499 UMRP for a 30"
Single Wall Oven. Discovery IQ Wall Ovens will be available at specialty kitchen appliance
retailers, Pacific Sales, Lowes, and internationally through distributors in Canada and Mexico.
About Dacor: Dacor is the innovator of stylish, American-made kitchen appliances that provide a luxurious
culinary experience for those who are passionate about the details of gourmet cooking. Since its inception in
1965, Dacor has been owned and managed by three generations of the Joseph family. Dacor is responsible
for many industry firsts, including the 30" self-cleaning Pure Convection™ wall oven, a drop-in cooktop with
continuous grates, and an outdoor grill with halogen lights and the first professional dual-fuel range with
sealed burners. Today, Dacor utilizes the expertise and heritage of a third generation, family-owned
company to provide exquisitely designed luxury appliances.
Dacor was established with the principles of innovation, style, performance, craftsmanship and
sustainability. The company manufactures three luxury product collections; the innovative Discovery™
Series, the intelligent Renaissance® Series and the essential Distinctive™ Series, to fit the needs of the
discerning home chef.
For more information regarding the new Discovery 30" Wall Oven with exclusive IQ™ Controller and for hig


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