Mophie Juice Pack Air brings an extra 1,700 mAh to iPhone 5 for $100

Mophie が iPhone 保護ケース兼バッテリー juice pack air に iPhone 5 モデルを追加しました。Mophie の増槽保護殻といえば2週ほど前に「空気より軽い」過去最薄モデル juice pack helium が発表されたばかりですが、air for iPhone 5 はやや厚いかわりにバッテリー容量が 1700mAhとおおくなっています。
1700mAh のバッテリーで延長できる利用時間の最長は、3G通話が8時間、3G/LTEネット利用が8時間、WiFiネット利用なら10時間、音楽再生40時間、動画再生10時間など。


iPhone 5 の側面・背面をぴたりと覆う形状は juice pack シリーズの伝統。Lightning端子はケースのバッテリーに接続し、ケース下部の microUSB端子で juice pack と iPhone 5 本体バッテリーの両方を充電します。

塞がってしまうスピーカー穴は前面に誘導して、juice pack がスピーカーボックスになることでよりリッチな音質になる、としています。

そのほか背面のon/off スイッチ、白色LEDの電池残量インジケータなどもヘリウムと同等。

ヘリウムと比較すると、エアはやや厚く(0.63インチ vs 0.59インチ)、やや重く(2.68オンス vs 2.44オンス)なっています。ヘリウムのほうは電池容量が1500mAhで、3G通話や3G/LTEネットが最長6時間、WiFiネット利用が最長7時間追加。

カラーバリエーションはマットな質感のブラック、iPhone 白に近いホワイト、メタリックなレッドの3色。米国価格は99.95ドル。米国国内向けの直販では、いまのところブラックが7-10日出荷。残り2色は3月22日出荷予定。

なお juice pack helium のほうは、国内でもフォーカルポイントの代理店版が参考価格 8980円で予約を受け付けています。こちらの国内出荷は代理店直販で3月中旬予定。ほか の発売予定では3月8日。

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mophie expands juice pack selection for iPhone 5 with launch of juice pack air

Santa Ana, Calif. (Feb. 25, 2013)-Today, mophie announced the availability of the juice pack air for iPhone 5. mophie's award-winning battery case has evolved with every generation of the iPhone to become the industry standard in power and protection. The new juice pack air comes just two weeks after the launch of the juice pack helium, mophie's lightest, thinnest battery case to-date, and continues the brand's momentum in rapidly expanding its offering of juice pack solutions for iPhone 5 users.

"We have spent months designing, engineering and testing a complete juice pack family of products, dialing in the details to make the user experience flawless from the moment the consumer puts the case on their iPhone 5," said Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at mophie. "Introducing juice pack helium was an exciting way to launch, and the swift release of juice pack air should be an indicator to mophie and Apple fans alike that we still have a lot of innovation for the iPhone 5 up our sleeve."

The new juice pack air allows iPhone 5 users to do more with their device on one charge, packing 1700 mAh to double the battery life of the device with the simple flip of a switch. The juice pack air is engineered to deliver edge-to-edge protection and touts a 10 percent thinner design than the previous air model. New proprietary design with pass though buttons allows effortless access to key phone features like volume and mute switches.

Available now for $99.95 at, the juice pack air for iPhone 5 comes in three colors: monochromatic soft touch black, glossy white and metallic red in collaboration with Product (RED).
Additional features include:
• Do More... Lots More-A 1700 mAh battery means that iPhone 5 users will be able to do more of everything they love with their iPhone 5, from talking and watching to listening and viewing
o Up to 10 additional hours talk time on 3G
o Up to 8 additional hours internet use on 3G; 11 hours Wi-Fi
o Up to 40 hours additional audio playback
o Up to 10 hours video playback
Lightning Pass Through-Simple lightning pass-through enables users to charge the iPhone 5 and
• juice pack together with the included micro USB cable.
• Enhanced Sound-The juice pack air design acts as a virtual speaker box, redirecting sound from the bottom of the iPhone 5 to the front, resulting in a richer, fuller sound quality
• Charge on Demand-A simple switch allows for standby and charging mode so you only have to use the juice pack air battery when you need it
• LED Battery Indicator-A discreet LED light panel tells you exactly how much "juice" is available in the case at the push of a button, and blinks for 30-seconds when lightening cable is connected
• Fast Charge – Charging output has been upgraded from .5A to 1A which delivers a faster charge to your iPhone 5

To see the juice pack air in action, check out this video. For additional information regarding the new juice pack air and juice pack helium for iPhone 5 as well as mophie's full line of products, please visit

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