LED電球を使った3Gbps 可視光データ通信、フラウンホーファーHHIが発表。FOE 2013に出展へ

Ittousai , @Ittousai_ej
2013年04月8日, 午前 06:47

ドイツ フラウンホーファー研究機構 ハインリッヒ・ヘルツ研究所(HHI)が、LED電球を使った可視光データ通信で3ギガビット/秒を達成したことを発表しました。


ではこの可視光データ通信を何に使うのか、といえば、自動車から自動車や交通インフラ間で情報を共有する Car-to-X コミュニケーション、または病院など従来の無線LAN電波を飛ばしにくい場所でのLANやインターネット接続、工場やエレクトロニクス系の見本市など、電波が混雑して通信しづらい状況でのデータ通信などが挙げられています。

フラウンホーファー HHI は、4月10日から東京ビッグサイトで開催の第13回 光通信技術展 FOE 2013 でこの技術の実機デモを世界で初めて参考出品する予定。3Gbpsは実験環境での数字ですが、FOE 2013では「- 500Mbpsまでの光無線高速通信 」が実演される予定です。家庭での無線LAN置き換えはあまり想定していないらしく、「デンキ使っていないなら消しなさいもったいないピッ」「ぎゃあッ!」といった心配はしないで良さそうです。

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New broadband components for visible light communication

High-Speed Internet from the Ceiling Lamp

In visible light communication, the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI has set a further milestone on the way to high- speed internet from the ceiling lamp. Development of novel components for data transmission over LEDs means that significantly higher bandwidth can now be used in real-time with data throughput rates of up to 3 Gbit/s being reached in laboratory experiments. The new components will be presented at FOE 2013.

The technology developed by HHI makes it possible to use standard off-the-shelf LED room lights for data transmission. Data rates of up to 800 Mbit/s were reached by this optical WLAN under laboratory conditions, while a complete real-time system exhibited at trade fairs reached data throughput of 500 Mbit/s. The newly developed patent protected components have now achieved a transmission rate in laboratory experiments of over 1 Gbit/s per single light frequency. As off-the-shelf LEDs mainly use three light frequencies or light colors, speeds of up to 3 Gbit/s are feasible.

Thus far LEDs could only be used with a bandwidth of around 30 MHz, yet the new technical components enable exploitation of a much higher bandwidth of up to 180 MHz. As the higher frequency bands are also used for transmission, this significantly boosts the data throughput rate. Development of the components as modules makes them suitable for customized integration in technology developments such as Car-to-X communication. But visible light communication also has a broad array of other possible applications ranging from areas like hospital operating theatres where safety is at a premium to places like trade shows and factory halls where radio communication is problematic.


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