Computex 2013 では、次の市場になるかと注目のスマートウォッチ関連でも発表が続いています。電子書籍リーダーでおなじみの E Ink が発表したのは、電子ペーパーディスプレイ Mobius のスマートウォッチ向け1.73インチ版。

E Ink の Mobius は、ソニーが開発したフレキシブルTFT技術と E Ink の Pearl 電子パーベーフィルムを組み合わせたディスプレイ。新たに発表されたディスプレイは 1.73インチというサイズのほか、曲げたり任意の形状にカットできるスマートウォッチ向けの特性を備えています。

ディスプレイとしての仕様は320 x 240ピクセル (約230dpi)、16階調グレースケール、明るさ 69.5 L*WS、コントラスト比10:1など。E Ink は今回の1.73インチ版に先だって、タブレットや大判電子書籍端末向けに13.3インチで1600 x 1200 の Mobius ディスプレイも発表していました。

さらに 1.73インチ Mobius ディスプレイを採用した初の製品として、Sonostar社と E Ink の子会社 Transmart が共同開発した製品 Sonostar Smartwatch も Computex 2013 で発表されています。Sonostar Smartwatch は予価179ドルで近日発売予定。

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E Ink Introduces New 1.73" Flexible Mobius Display for Smartwatch Applications


CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--E Ink® Holdings, "E Ink" (8069.TW), a digital signage and display visionary, announces the addition of a 1.73" flexible display to its Mobius product line of flexible electronic paper display (EPD) technology. The 1.73" display has been specifically engineered for smartwatch and watch applications. The display is based on flexible TFT technology developed and brought to production by E Ink. The first commercial product to use this 1.73" display is the Sonostar Smartwatch announced this week at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Sonostar smartwatch was jointly developed by E Ink's subsidiary Transmart Co. Ltd and Sonostar. The smartwatch was chosen by the Taipei Computer Association as one of only 10 major product highlights at Computex, which will run from June 4-8 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The 1.73" Mobius display supports a resolution of 320X240 pixels with 16 greyscale levels. The display size and characteristics make the technology ideal for the smartwatch market. Using a flexible substrate, the 1.73" Mobius is lightweight and rugged and is conformable so the end product has a better fit for the consumer. Its low power usage and sunlight readability make this technology ideal for mobile devices. Unlike conventional displays, the 1.73" Mobius display can be cut into different shapes.

"The joint development between Sonostar and Transmart is the perfect example of the how E Ink can help its customers get their product to market," said Giovanni Mancini, director of product management for E Ink Holdings. "E Ink displays enable unique products that capture the customer's imagination. Our business development team has the expertise to help our customers design the displays into their products in ways never before thought possible."

More information on the Sonostar smartwatch can be obtained by visiting the Sonostar booth at Taipei World Trade Center Hall I (No: C0317) during Computex Taipei 2013 (June 4 to 8) or by going to You can get more information about the Mobius 1.73" display by visiting