脳波センサ搭載の視線追跡メガネ Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0発表、データはスマートフォンに保存

Takuro Matsukawa
Takuro Matsukawa
2013年08月29日, 午後 08:27 in eeg

視線追跡技術などを研究開発するドイツ SMI (SensoMotoric Instruments) が、メガネ型アイトラッキングデバイスの新製品 Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 (ETG 2.0) を発表しました。

ETG とは装着している人の視線の動きを表示・記録する視線追跡メガネ。買い物客の視線をトラッキングして効果的な商品配置を研究したり、アスリートのトレーニング(空間認識や動体視力のテスト)、病気やケガで言語障害が残った場合の視線を使ったコミュニケーションなど、幅広い分野で活用されています。

今回のモデルは、2.0 の名の通り初代よりも洗練されたデザインになり、トラッキング性能も向上しています。またデータは PC 以外に Galaxy S4 ベースの SMI-ETG Recording Unit 2.0 へ保存することが可能になりました。

加えてサングラスフィルタやアクティブシャッター式 3D グラス、6D ヘッドトラッキングデバイス、さらに Emotiv 社のモバイル EEG センサ(ざっくり説明すると脳波センサ)の取り付けにも対応します。

また同じくドイツにあるリサーチ機関 KMRC は SMI と協力して、今年5月に開催されたサッカー欧州チャンピオンズリーグ決勝戦でサッカー選手を対象とした実験をおこなっています。

内容は、決勝に進出した両チーム(奇しくもこれまたドイツの2チーム)のファン61人を集めて全員 ETG を装着し、観戦中の視線追跡データを収集するというもの。

そのデータをもとに、異なるチームのファンの間で試合中に注目する部分が違ったり、それによって試合後に特定の場面を思い出す際に見解が異なる(例: 「あれはファールだ」「いやダイブだ」) のはなぜか、といった研究をするとのこと。

SMI は ETG の価格を公表していませんが、興味のある方はリンク先 SMI のウェブサイトへどうぞ。

ETG 2.0 紹介動画
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SMI Again Raises the Standard of Mobile Eye Tracking

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) introduces SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 featuring a new level of mobility and ease of use and adding value to more applications.

Since its launch two years ago, SMI Eye Tracking Glasses (ETG) by SensoMotoric Instruments have revolutionized the way consumer researchers, sports scientists, usability experts and psychologists gain insights into the visual behaviour of users in a natural environment. The next generation, SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0, now adds value to even more scientific and industrial applications. Instant setup and ease of use is paired with unmatched binocular eye tracking performance of 60Hz. A new pocket-size recorder based on a customized Samsung smartphone allows for fully mobile infield research and records extra-long tasks and work sessions. Options packages allow the combination with 3D displays, 6D optical headtracking or Emotiv EEG recordings for a wide range of application scenarios.

SMI's leading wearable eye tracking technology has gained the confidence of customers around the globe and has helped to improve communication strategies, professional performance, user interface designs and to advance the understanding of learning, cognition and neurological disorders. Renowned market research firms such as Nielsen, GfK, Ipsos and Millward Brown use SMI Eye Tracking Glasses to optimize shelf layouts and package designs. Centers of sports excellence such as the French Institut National du Sport, the Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation or the Occupational Skill Testing Authority of Guangdong in China assess their athletes' performance. Global brands such as Google, Qualcomm, Cisco, Honda and China Mobile evaluate strategies of users interacting with work places and device interfaces. And the leading scientific institutes such as Stanford University, Max Planck Institute, the German Center for Artificial Intelligence, University of London and Shanghai National University use SMI Eye Tracking Glasses to monitor social interaction, learning and medical rehabilitation.

Experienced researchers and professionals are convinced that mobile eye tracking data captured with the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses adds significant value to their work:

Dr Judith Holler, Language & Cognition Department, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Netherlands: "We decided for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses for our research on interpersonal coordination in conversational face-to-face interaction, because, in contrast to other eye trackers, they allow for the precise measurement of gaze patterns on a non-flat, non-stationary surface, which makes them very suitable for analyzing social-interactional data."

Tad Brunye, Ph.D., Senior Cognitive Scientist, US Army NSRDEC & Tufts University: "Our group has used several mobile eye tracking systems to evaluate visual attention while participants freely navigate natural environments. No other system matches the ETG in terms of fit, comfort, flexibility, accuracy, and ease of use and analysis. For these reasons, we highly recommend the ETG to basic and applied researchers looking to move data collection outside the laboratory."

Alexey Pryanishnikov, COO, IPSOS Russia: "We have chosen SMI ETG technology as our main platform for shopper and packaging research taking into consideration the simplicity of experiment design, unobtrusiveness of the equipment and flexibility of software (specifically in terms of processing mobile tracking data for live environments). The system demonstrated its ability to work with different environments and allows us dramatically reduce production time for our experiments."

Dr. Arnd Rose, Product Manager, SensoMotoric Instruments: "For the next generation of our widely appreciated technology, we have further increased the mobility and the performance of the device. And we are convinced that with its intelligent options, for outdoor recordings, virtual reality studies and co-registration with brain response data, the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 will add value to application fields only limited by imagination."

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