This article is based on the Japanese version of Engadget and was created by machine translation.

Now, with the release date of the new IQOS approaching November 15, many people are wondering which one to buy, IQOS3 or MULTI. So, while picking up the features of each, I'll tell you which one I recommend.

IQOS 3、IQOS 3 MULTI▲IQOS3 (left) and IQOS3 MULTI (right) packages. The blue part of the lid is slightly thicker in IQOS3.

Review each feature

First, I would like to review the features of IQOS3 and IQOS3 MULTI. You can read more about the specs in other articles, but here are some of the highlights.

IQOS 3、IQOS 3 MULTI▲IQOS3 (left) and IQOS3 MULTI (right)

IQOS 3 points
  • Evolution of the previous model (USB Type-C, Notification Vibe, etc.)
  • Separate type combined with charger and holder
  • Boot time is approximately 20 seconds
  • It takes about 3 minutes and 40 seconds to charge a cigarette.
  • You can smoke 20 heat sticks on a full charge.
  • Weight: Charger 103 g, Holder 22 g, Total 125 g

IQOS 3、IQOS 3 MULTI▲Charger for IQOS 3. Smaller than previous IQOS 2.4 Plus

IQOS 3、IQOS 3 MULTI▲IQOS holder for IQOS 3. As before, it is inserted into an IQOS pocket charger to charge for one-time smoking.

IQOS 3 MULTI points
  • All-in-one type that does not require a charger
  • chain smokable
  • Boot time is approximately 20 seconds
  • You can smoke 10 heat sticks on a full charge.
  • The weight is 50 g.

IQOS 3、IQOS 3 MULTI▲No need for a single charge for smoking, and chain smoke is possible.

IQOS 3、IQOS 3 MULTI▲Both models use USB Type-C charging connectors.

The biggest difference is the all-in-one type or the conventional separate type. It depends on whether you smoke the chain or not. In addition, the number of cigarettes that can be sucked on a full charge is also very different. IQOS3 has 20, and MULTI has 10. The number of cigarettes you can smoke depends on the capacity of the battery, so the size and weight are necessarily different.

Which one do you recommend after all?

Even though the purpose of "smoke" is the same, the situation and usability are very different. So let's list the people and environments that each model is suited to.

IQOS 3 is recommended for such people.
  • IQOS 2.4 Plus is preferred for ease of use
  • I want to replace my IQOS 2.4 Plus
  • smoking more a day
  • I do not smoke the chain.
  • No charging environment due to outside work or outdoor work
  • be willing to buy both

IQOS 3 MULTI is recommended for such people.
  • I want to smoke a chain.
  • smoking less a day
  • carry a mobile battery all the time
  • Lightness is justice.
  • Stylishness is vital even when smoking.
  • I like new things.

The key to your purchase is the condition of your IQOS 2.4 Plus. If the 2.4 Plus is still working without any problems, it is convenient to purchase IQOS 3 MULTI for the new model and have both IQOS 2.4 Plus and IQOS 3 MULTI.

If your iQOS 2.4 Plus is deteriorating and you're ready to replace it, you can buy iQOS 3 to get the same smoking experience as before. After that, I think you can purchase IQOS3 MULTI as if you were buying more.

As for chain smoke, I feel like smoking continuously especially after meals and during breaks. IQOS 3 can also be used alternately with two units to achieve chain smoke. Also, even if there is a failure, defect or loss, if you have 2 units, it will be failsafe as a backup machine.

If you're moving to IQOS for the first time, it doesn't matter which one you choose, but IQOS 3 is an all-rounder, so it's a safe choice.

IQOS 3、IQOS 3 MULTI▲If your IQOS 2.4 Plus is up and running, IQOS MULTI is a good choice.

IQOS 3 MULTI for home and IQOS 3 for the road is ideal. The IQOS 3 is fully charged and can absorb a box of heat sticks. Take it out when you go out, and charge it immediately with your smartphone when you get home. It seems to be good to use IQOS 3 MULTI for smoking at home.

With this configuration, you can avoid unplugging the cable to use IQOS 3 and then forgetting to charge it and feeling sad the next day.

The ideal configuration is three IQOS3 units, one IQOS3 MULTI for home and office, and one IQOS3 for carrying around. If you leave iQOS 3 at home, you won't have to worry about smoking during a break. Well, it's all about "If you can purchase it safely"!

*At the time of writing, the purchase of IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI is limited to one product per person.

This article is based on the Japanese version of Engadget and was created by machine translation. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.