Mobile Suica to free annual fees from February 2020 : Machine translation

The services for feature phones will be discontinued.

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2020年04月6日, 午前 11:19 in suica
This article is based on the Japanese version of Engadget and was created by machine translation.

JR East has announced it will offer the Mobile Suica completely free of charge from February 26, 2020.

Currently, Mobile Suica requires an annual fee of 1030 yen (tax included) to register a credit card other than a View Card. As of February 26, 2020, there will be no annual fee.

At the moment, no annual fee is charged when you use Suica at Apple Pay on iPhone or use Suica from the Google Pay app on an Android smartphone that supports Osaifu-Keitai.

Mobile Suica for feature phones to end in 2020

The service will be discontinued on all feature phones by December 22, 2020. Except for comparatively new models such as the P-01J of NTT DOCOMO and the AQUOS K SHF 34 of au, the service will end on February 25, 2020.

Some Android phones are out of service

The service will end on December 22, 2020 for some Android smartphones.

For example, NTT DOCOMO Xperia series handsets before Xperia A2 sold in 2014 are out of service and Galaxy series handsets before GALAXY S5SC-04F sold in 2014 are out of service.

The Mobile Suica service will not be available for devices not covered by this announcement if they are used with Android 4.4 after March 2021.

Mobile Suica Express Ticket to be a new service

The service of Mobile Suica Express Ticket which allows passengers to reserve a limited express ticket from the Mobile Suica app and ride directly, will be terminated at the end of fiscal 2019. JR East has announced it will introduce a new Shinkansen reservation service using a transportation IC card in cooperation with JR Hokkaido and JR West. This new service, which is expected to be available by the end of fiscal 2019, will replace the Mobile Suica Express Ticket service.

This article is based on the Japanese version of Engadget and was created by machine translation. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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