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Xperia 1 Professional Edition

This article is based on the Japanese version of Engadget and was created by machine translation.

Sony launched Xperia 1 this summer.

And just as the new Xperia 5 arrived, Xperia 1 Professional Edition suddenly went on sale in Japan. The Sony Store price is 157300 yen (tax included).

It's basically the same as the Xperia 1, but it was released as a special model to enhance creators' creativity in video production, photography, and mobile e-sports, and as a SIM-free model sold by Sony itself.

Now, let's carefully check what is different.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

First, there is a sticker with "Professional Edition OPTIMIZED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE" printed on the top left of the white package that is the same as the regular Xperia 1.

The inside is also very simple, only Xperia main body, USB Type-C ⇔ Stereo mini plug conversion cable, paper including instructions.

The Xperia is available only in black. There is no color variation such as purple, gray, or white.

The support is handled at the smartphone consultation counter of Sony Mobile.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

Turning it on and completing the initial setup, there are a few pre-installed apps, and none of the overcustomization is done.

The home screen also defaults to the Xperia, with Sony's featured apps Music, Album, Game enhancer, Cinema Pro, 3D Creator, Xperia Lounge Japan, and Spot List.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition has 128 GB of storage. Xperia 1, which was originally announced as a global model with 128 GB of storage, is actually being sold by three major carriers in Japan, but with only 64 GB of storage. You may be disappointed.

In that sense, double the capacity is one of the attractive features of Xperia 1 Professional Edition.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

Also, the SIM slot is dual SIM which can use two lines, and dual SIM dual standby is possible when two SIMs are used.

Because you can use two phone numbers at the same time, you can take advantage of both a cheap SIM for data communication and a SIM supporting high-quality VoLTE.

This is also a feature that Xperia 1 for domestic has not had until now.

However, the second SIM slot is optional with the MicroSD card, so you can use either SIM card + SIM card or SIM card + MicroSD card.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

On the other hand, FeliCa (Osaifu-Keitai) and Full Seg One Seg are not installed.

People who want to use Osaifu-Keitai need to be careful.

However, NFC is available, so you can pair with wireless headphones or wireless speakers equipped with NFC without any problem.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

One of the features of the Xperia 1 display is that it faithfully reproduces the intentions of the video producer, using the color gamut of the UHD (Ultra HD) broadcasting standard ITU-R BT. 2020, and its own image processing and 4K display that supports 10-bit signals.

The Xperia 1 Professional Edition also ships with an initial color setting 'Creator mode' adjusted for each individual, closer to the color temperature (D 65) standard of the master monitor BVM-X 300.

On the other hand, the default setting for Image Quality Settings is 'Creator mode' on the Xperia 1 Professional Edition, while it is 'Standard mode' on the Xperia 1 which displays the color expanded from the original gamut.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

Two of Sony's camera apps that were announced as pre-installed at the time of the press release, Imaging Edge Mobile and Transfer & Tagging add-on were supposed to be installed as additional apps at the time of purchase.

Imaging Edge Mobile is an app that wirelessly transfers photos and videos from your camera to your smartphone.

"Transfer & Tagging add-on" is an application that allows you to input tags and captions (IPTC Metadata) to still images you take by voice or text.

I'll try this out and write a separate article about it.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

As a function for mobile e-sports player, it supports USB Type-C wired LAN connection (Equivalent to 1000 BASE-T).

It's a feature that Android devices can and can't use, but as far as I know, it's been blocked on Xperia for a long time.

What wasn't available on the Xperia 1 is finally available on the Xperia 1 Professional Edition.

Today, Wi-Fi is comfortable, and what are its benefits? Not so much in general. However, it plays an active role in relatively severe situations.

For example, in a large-scale event such as mobile e-sports where wireless radio waves are mixed, communication may become unstable, and delay may be fatal.

In such a situation, there would be an advantage to a reliable and low latency wired LAN connection.

Or, with the "PS4 Remote Play" feature, if you're playing from a room away from the PS4 in your living room, you can still play comfortably with high video quality (Resolution: Up to 1080 p) and high frame rate settings over a wired LAN connection.

When used in conjunction with Xperia 1's game-specific features 'Game enhancer', it will make playing mobile games more comfortable.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

As a minor change, it also supports the horizontal display on the home screen for use as a mobile monitor.

It's just that the home screen is set to ON by default, and you can change it later.

In addition, Side sense and Dynamic Vibration, which were recommended features of Xperia 1, are turned off by the factory in Xperia 1 Professional Edition.

You can also set this to ON after purchase.

Xperia 1 Professional Edition

EngadgetIn terms of price, Xperia 1 sold by domestic carriers is more reasonable. And if you're already looking for an Xperia 1 Professional Edition, you may have already bought one or choose the latest model, the Xperia 5.

Will anyone buy it now? I am worried casually.

I'm not a professional, I don't own a master monitor (BVM-X 300) to compare, and I don't use the same devices for my jobs, so I honestly don't think the customized display is particularly "great!".

If that's the case, the Xperia 1 might be enough, but the appeal of the Xperia 1 Professional Edition is that it has a larger storage capacity of 128 GB than the domestic carrier model, dual SIM, and USB Type C wired LAN connection that you could not use even if you wanted to.

After all, it's the first SIM-free Xperia flagship model sold directly from Sony.

(Xperia J1 Compact is not the main model, so I'm sorry I didn't count it.)

It's worth it if you can get a genuine model that Sony will sell in exactly the way it wants to be.

Not only are you a video creator, photographer, or professional gamer, but if you've been waiting for Sony's domestic SIM-free model for a long time, this is the model you should try.

This article is based on the Japanese version of Engadget and was created by machine translation. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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