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Holding the Suica card over your smartphone to check your balance — a feature that's been easy to do on FeliCa-enabled Android phones for a while, but not on the iPhone. There might have been some people who felt itchy around here.

But that's all in the past. In iOS 13, the iPhone's new support for reading NFC/FeliCa tags enabled IC cards such as Suica, PASMO, and nanaco to be read and the balance displayed on iPhone 7 and later models.
However, the reading app is not provided by the iOS standard, so you need to install the app separately. There are already a few apps for it, and I tried three of them: Bus NAVITIME, IC Card Reader by Money Forward, and Japan NFC Reader.First of all, regarding Bus NAVITIME, when you select the IC card balance from the menu, the scanning screen appears, so you can scan it by holding the IC card over the top of your iPhone.

You can read only IC cards for transportation such as Suica and PASMO, and the result of reading is a simple display only showing the balance. The app, however, is designed to help you check your balance before you get on a bus, so that's enough.

iPhone NFC
▲Bus NAVITIME. Read results are very simple.

IC Card Reader by Money Forward is also an application for transportation IC only, but it shows not only the balance but also the usage history of the card. You can also send the scanned results to Money Forward or save them in CSV format.

It's by Money Forward that focuses on asset management and household management, you get history so you can use it for transportation expenses reimbursement.

Currently, supported cards are Suica, PASMO, ICOCA, TOICA, nimoca, SUGOCA, manaca, PiTaPa, Kitaca, Hayakaken, SAPICA, icsca, PASPY and IruCa.

iPhone NFC
▲IC card reader by Money Forward. Read results can be sent to Money Forward or saved in CSV format file.

Japan NFC Reader is not only for transportation IC cards but also for nanaco, WAON and Rakuten Edy. In addition to your balance, you can also check your usage history.

iPhone NFC
▲Japan NFC Reader compatible with cards other than transportation IC cards.

I think that there will be other corresponding applications if I look for them and will come up later. However, Japan NFC Reader seems to have a wide range of support at present.

You can check the balance of nanaco and Rakuten Edy, so if you check it before you shop at a convenience store, you won't have to worry about the balance being insufficient.

This article is based on the Japanese version of Engadget and was created by machine translation. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.