Pokemon GO

As the world faces unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokémon GO has released a wave of new features, such as Remote Raid, enabling fans to play Pokémon GO from their home.

Taking into consideration that it may be difficult to gather outdoors during these times, this update offers not only Remote Raids where players can join Nearby Raids, but also daily delivery of Field Research tasks that can be completed at home, gifts brought by Buddy Pokémon, and more.

Also, when raising your Pokémon, you can now adjust Stardust and Candy to instantly power up to your desired CP, enjoy improved battle display methods, as well as several other brand new features and improvements.

Overview of Pokemon GO Updates

Remote Raids

  • Use new item "Remote Raid Pass"
  • Remote Raid Passes can be bought in the Store at the discounted price of 100 PokéCoin. 1 PokéCoin for first purchase only
  • Choose only from the Raids tappable in Map View, or Raids viewable by the Raider (Nearby Raids).
  • Invite a friend to battle with you
  • Trainers can fight in Remote Raids together with trainers battling in Raids in-person in the field. These friends are included in the 20-person limit.
  • As a temporary measure, trainers battling remotely will have the same attack power as trainers who are able to battle in-person. (probably, this is a measure to lower damage amounts after this worldwide stay-home movement has ended and apply penalties)
  • Niantic intends to gradually adjust the number of trainers who can participate remotely in Raids, the ability to invite friends, damage amounts, etc.

Daily Field Research Tasks

  • Receive a bonus Field Research task at midnight each day without having to spin a PokéStop disc
  • Bonus tasks differ to regular tasks and can be completed at home
  • A player can have one Bonus Field Research task in addition to the maximum three regular tasks permitted, totaling four tasks
  • If the task is not completed, a new one will not be delivered the following day Maximum of 1 bonus task per trainer

Getting Gifts from Buddy Pokémon

  • If you are running low on Gifts, your Buddy Pokémon will bring you some No need to spin any PokéStops
  • As long as you have a designated Buddy Pokémon, their level is irrelevant
  • When your Buddy Pokémon brings you a gift, you will be notified by that Buddy Pokémon's icon on the field screen

Pokémon Power Up

  • Instantly power up to your desired CP

Activate Multiple Boost Items

  • By using Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, and Incense together, you can extend their effective period without interruption


  • Improved battle screen display HP bars will be standardized across all battle types Pokémon types will also be permanently displayed on the battle screen "It's Super Effective" and "It's Not Very Effective" will also be displayed
  • Notices sent to the Shop when a new item or box is added

Additional new feature updates coming soon. Concrete timing, exactly which features will be implemented, etc. are as yet unknown.

Below we digress.

A great deal of attention had been on exactly what kind of features Remote Raids would be given, and with the result being payable ticket consumption, the ability to invite friends, maximum of 20 trainers battling remotely and in the field, access to Raid Battles either on the Nearby Raid view or tappable on the Map View, adjustment to attack power, and so on, it is clear that Niantic made a painstaking effort to improve user experience.

The choices are more limited if there aren't many Gyms nearby, but it's expected that you will be able to be invited to a Gym by friends in the future.

The basic stance of Pokémon GO's developer, Niantic, is to offer an experience where users are physically active outdoors, search the real world, and meet real people. Also, the major premise of Pokémon GO is a game where players actually move around in the "field" existing in the real world.

However, Niantic does not run the game purely with good intentions such as wanting the people of the world to exercise and be healthy, deepen their knowledge on local history and sightseeing spots, or realize the importance of real-life interaction with other people. From another angle, it could be said that the company harnesses Pokémon and game mechanisms as incentives to control the movements of actual people and mobilize them.

Trainers stuck at home who have run out of items and are unable to join in Raids have said they want to be allowed to walk on the Map using a virtual joystick they pay for, or to join in the Raid of their choice if they buy a Battle Pass, but if Niantic removes the link between the real world and the game, it would mean betraying the real-world stores and other partner companies serving as sponsored gyms. It would also mean hindering the ambitions of an AR-dominated era which should be possible by creating detailed 3D maps of the real world.

Pokémon GO's Niantic, Inc. buys 6D.ai. AI Cloud Technology Startup

Normally, it would even be necessary to walk in order to join online GO Battle League battles (currently deactivated) completely unrelated to an player's actual location, or walking an Egg until it hatches, therefore it isn't merely a ploy for the sake of profit by making players pay for game items, etc. if they don't feel like walking.

From this perspective, considering this latest Remote Raid feature and all the home-based game play elements being constantly added, we acknowledge Niantic's noble motive of wanting to do what it can for a world rocked by COVID-19, connect individual players confined to their homes and offer emotional comfort, and yet appreciate the company's difficult position of not being able to remove the walking element from the game entirely. It will be interesting to see what further changes are made to Pokémon GO here on out.