Pokemon GO
Pokemon Go has a new feature: Remote Raids.

Use Remote Raid Passes to select and participate remotely in raids that appear on the map or the "Nearby" screen.

In the future, players will be able to invite their friends to challenge raid bosses together.Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go's Remote Raids were announced in mid-April as a new feature for people around the world who are staying inside and practicing social distancing due to the spread of COVID-19.

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To participate in a Remote Raid,

- Acquire a Remote Raid Pass, a new consumable item. The standard price for a Remote Raid Pass in the shop is 100 coins, but you can buy your first three passes for just one coin.

- Either select a gym with an active raid on the map, or tap the radar in the bottom-right and select a gym with an active raid from the lists on the "Nearby" or "Raid" screens.

- Consume a Remote Raid Pass and select "Join" to join the lobby as in a normal raid. Remote and local lobbies are the same. You will be placed with other nearby players.

You cannot join any raid you wish. You can only join the local active raids shown on your map or on the "Nearby" screen.

In the future, friends will be able to invite you to join raids that are near them, even if they are not close to you. However, as of now this feature has not yet been implemented.

In addition to the consumption of tickets purchased by the player, Niantic plans to make adjustments to the following to reflect user feedback:

- Limits of the number of people who can remotely join a single raid
- Limits to the amount of damage that can be dealt by remote participants

Niantic will continue to make further adjustments based on player feedback. Remote players deal the same damage as local players "for the time being."

In the future, these measures are likely to distinguish between remote participants and participants who are actually out walking around, once restrictions are lifted on outings in the future.

Addendum: According to Niantic, currently up to ten people can remotely participate in a single raid. However, as with remote participants' damage, this is a temporary measure in place for the time being only. In the future, only five remote participants will be allowed per raid.

This article was originally written in Japan. The images and content are as they were in Japan at the time of writing.