Remote access enabled for Pokémon GO and PokéStops Buddies can now find presents too

Temporary measures

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2020年05月6日, 午後 03:10 in coronavirus

Pokémon GO's stay-at-home game has been reinforced yet again.

On top of the remote trade option that was launched today, it's also become possible to access PokéStops from twice the conventional distance, while Buddy Pokémon can now find and collect presents.

The distance from which Gyms can be interacted with in Pokémon GO has been doubled since April, but since PokéStops responded visually at the same distance, it wasn't possible to obtain items by spinning Photo Discs.

In this latest update, you can at last spin at PokéStops from a wider range than before. Although there's no point if you are close by, this means that if you're somewhere just out of reach, you'll be able to proceed without exhausting items or field research.

Speaking of a lack of items, the previously announced presents from Buddies have also been introduced. By giving fruit or Poffin to your Buddy Pokémon and having them walk alongside you, they'll bring you gifts from nearby PokéStops.

Like conventional souvenirs or items, popup messages appear above the Buddy Pokémon icon whenever a gift from your Buddy is detected.

Gifts are set to produce more Poke Balls than normal, 20 gifts can be retained, and the number of gifts that can be opened per day increased to 30, so if you have an active friend, you should be able to make sure that you don't run out of items by sending gifts to each other.

As with Gyms, the expanded range of access for PokéStops is a temporary measure. There's no date set for these measures to end. For now, they're in place.

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