With the latest update for the Android and iOS versions of LINE, you can now share your screen and watch YouTube videos during a call.

In the Android version, while on a video call select "Share Screen" from the menu on the upper right. In the iOS version, during a video call press or hold down "Screen Recording" in the Control Center and select LINE from "Broadcast." (If there is no "Screen Recording" button, you can add it to the Control Center in Settings)

Also, on May 4th, a function will be added that allows you to watch YouTube videos while on a call. If you're on either a video or voice call, tap the YouTube icon on the lower right to search for and select the video you want to watch.

The PC version of LINE was the first to support the screen sharing function during calls, but because this update allows you to share documents from your smartphone while on a call, it might be a useful tool for video conferences as well.

This article was originally written in Japan. The images and content are as they were in Japan at the time of writing.