A new system to earn coins outside of gyms in Pokémon GO is being tested, so you can play from home

For now, it’s limited to Australia

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2020年05月13日, 午後 02:20 in gaming
Pokemon Go
It has been announced that a new method of earning Pokécoins, the in-game currency for Pokémon GO, is being tested.

Since the release of Pokémon GO, the only way of earning Pokécoins has been to add your Pokémon to your team's gyms.

However, with many unable to go outside recently, the way that people play Pokémon GO has changed. As such, a new system is being tested where players can earn Pokécoins by catching Pokémon, evolving them, or skillfully throwing Pokéballs.

The initial testing of this system of getting Pokécoins for various tasks is limited to Australia. After the testing of this system is complete, adjustments will be made based on feedback before further testing.

The test in Australia contains the following changes:
  • The number of coins earned through gyms is reduced from six coins per hour to two
  • The number of Pokécoins you can earn per day is increased to 55

How you can earn Pokécoins during the test:
  • Throwing Pokéballs with a Nice, Great, or Excellent rating
  • Strengthen or evolve your Pokémon
  • Use a berry when you catch a Pokémon
  • Transfer a Pokémon to the Professor
  • Take a snapshot of your Buddy Pokémon
  • Win a raid
Players earn five Pokécoins upon completing a featured task every day.

This new system for earning Pokécoins will be available in Japan and globally after several phases of testing have been completed in Australia.

Remote Raids are another new system that has been introduced to help players enjoy Pokémon GO without needing to go outside. You'll need a Remote Raid Pass To participate in them.

It costs 100 Pokécoins for one Remote Raid Pass and 250 Pokécoins for three in the store. However, this doesn't include your first Remote Raid Pass, which costs one Pokécoin, or when purchasing them in bundles. Of course, it's still possible to buy Pokécoins with real money, but the changes being tested are good as they'll increase the possibilities available to free to play players who save coins to buy items.

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