iOS 13.5Apple released iOS 13.5 and the iPadOS 13.5 in the early morning of May 21st (Japan time). These new releases incorporate functions designed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

One of the new features in iOS 13.5 and the iPadOS 13.5 is mask support. This means that when wearing a mask you can skip Face ID (even when Face ID is turned on) and go straight to the passcode entry screen. And of course this speeds up the unlock process, as you don't need to worry about difficulties with recognition when wearing a mask.

The second new feature is the coronavirus Exposure Notification API that has been jointly developed with Google. This makes it possible to use the apps of public health organizations that support this API.

The idea is to stop the spread of contagion, with the API quickly sending notifications to people who have had close contact with someone who has the coronavirus. Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is working towards a June release for its app that supports this API.

FaceTime group call performance has also been improved. An option has been added to control the automatic speaker highlighting function in the video grid showing the faces of call participants.

The Medical ID function for the United States has been improved, too. When a call is made to 911 (the equivalent of Japan's 119 number), healthcare data registered on the caller's iPhone will automatically be shared with the 911 call center in the relevant area.

This article was originally written in Japanese. All images and content are directly from the Japanese version at the time of publication.