Fujitsu General Cómodo gear
Fujitsu General has announced a wearable air conditioning unit designed to cool the body that they are calling "Cómodo gear." It will be available for corporate partners from June.

Cómodo gear is worn around the neck, and is designed to reduce the wearer's core temperature by cooling the blood as it passes through the carotid artery. They claim that it is able to prevent a decline in work efficiency even in temperatures that exceed 35°C.

The system uses water cooling, with cooled water being circulated between the cooling apparatus around the neck and the radiator/pump unit worn on the hip.

Fujitsu General Cómodo gear
Fujitsu General Cómodo gear

Unlike other cooling systems such as "air-conditioned clothing," Cómodo gear is much more compact and lightweight, consisting of only the neck and hip units housing the cooling parts, radiator, and battery. The neck unit weighs around 170g, about the same as a smartphone, and the hip unit, which houses the radiator, comes in at around 840g. This makes it portable enough to be used to improve work efficiency in factories, construction sites, event locations, and more.

It is able to run continuously for 2 to 4 hours. In addition to an external lithium-ion battery, the device also features Low Energy Bluetooth 4.2 Low and NFC communication functionality.

Sony has also announced a similar cooling device which utilizes a "Peltier device," but by using a more conventional radiator and pump the Cómodo gear should be better suited for use in outdoor situations.

This article was originally written in Japanese. All images and content are directly from the Japanese version at the time of publication.