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On October 1, Logicool announced the Japanese version of the MX Anywhere 3, a compact and highly functional mouse with both Bluetooth and proprietary wireless capabilities. It will go on sale on October 29th and will be priced at 17,800 yen (including tax) directly from the company's website. At the same time, MX Anywhere 3 for Mac will be released simultaneously. The price is the same.

Like the international models, it comes in three different colorings. Pale Gray, a silver/white color, Graphite which is black, and Rose which is pink (for Mac, there is only one color scheme, Pale Gray).

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The MX Anywhere 3 for Mac differs in that it does not come with a USB receiver and only comes in one color.

MX Anywhere 3 is a small, palm-sized mouse that is the practical successor to the current MX Anywhere 2S. Compared to the 2S, the MX Anywhere 3 finally has an "auto-switching" high-speed scroll wheel despite being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and an updated USB Type-C charging port.

On the other hand, the tilt wheel, which had been available on the 2S and earlier, is no longer supported. As an alternative operation, a feature that allows horizontal scrolling by rotating the wheel while holding down the side button is included.

A feature removed from Anywhere 2S is the tilt wheel. The alternative horizontal scrolling feature is controlled by rotating the wheel while holding down the side button.

The dedicated settings app, Logicool Options, has also been enhanced together. Zoom and Microsoft Teams have been added to custom profiles per app, and you can use the side buttons to start/stop video and turn on/off audio mute when working with these apps (This feature is also available in the current MX Master 3 series with the updated Options).

The auto-switching high-speed wheel is of the MagSpeed type, introduced by MX Master 3. However, the controller chip, etc. is more advanced.

The "auto-switching" high-speed scroll wheel, which is the most distinctive feature of this device, is a mechanism that says, "When you turn the mouse wheel slowly, you feel the click of each unit like a normal mouse, but when you turn the wheel at high speed, the mechanical lock is released, the click is lost, and the scrolling speed increases."

Simply by turning the wheel faster, the mouse detects this and scrolls faster, which is why this mechanism is so popular among heavy users of mice that actively use scrolling (The actual switching sensitivity can be set software-wise.)

The function that is unique to MX Anywhere 3 and the MagSpeed mechanism is the "Strength of the click feeling setting". It is a customization that could not be experienced with the conventional mouse wheel.

In addition, MX Anywhere 3 adds a "Scroll force" setting that allows you to customize how hard the click feels when you turn slowly. You can now customize the setting, which allows you to adjust it to your preferred feel. This feature is not available in the higher-end MX Master 3. (This is due to differences at the hardware level, including the controller on the mouse itself).

These features are made possible by the MagSpeed mechanism introduced in the MX Master 3, which was released in September 2019. This is achieved through a very elaborate mechanical system that involves planting an electromagnet inside the scroll wheel.

MX Master 3 is positioned as a larger, more multifunctional sibling model (taking advantage of its size and having more buttons than the MX Anywhere 3). The MX Anywhere 3 has this MagSpeed mechanism mounted on a smaller body.

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Size comparison between the MX Anywhere 3 (right), MX Anywhere 2 (center), and MX Master 3 (left). This model and the 2 (and the 2S) are almost identical in size.

It measures 65 x 100.5 x 34.4mm (width x depth x thickness) and weighs 99g. The current MX Anywhere 2S is 61.6 x 100.3 x 34.4mm (same) and weighs 106g, so the MX Anywhere 3 is about the same size as the 2S, albeit slightly lighter in terms of weight.

The USB Type-C charging port is located on the front of the unit (on the front side) as before. Heavy users will find it convenient to use with other devices.

Another big change is that the USB port for charging has been converted to Type-C on the MX Anywhere 3. Since the current 2S had a micro USB port, this will be welcomed by heavy users who are moving to Type-C devices. Like the 2S, the built-in battery is a fixed 500mAh lithium polymer type. The nominal operating time is the same as the 2S: "up to 70 days on a single charge".

The main optical sensor is a "Darkfield" type 4,000dpi sensor that uses the same invisible light familiar to the series. It has the same proven tracking performance and flexibility to be used on glass. The resolution can be set from 200 to 4,000 dpi, and the default value is 1,000 dpi.

The multi-pairing specification of up to three hosts, a convenient function common to the MX Anywhere series, is continued. The switch button is on the bottom side as before.

Of course, the features of the 2S and earlier, such as multi-pairing with three Bluetooth and proprietary wireless (Unifying) systems (there is an explicit switch on the bottom side.), and "Logicool Flow", a device sharing feature that enables copy and paste between multiple hosts, are retained.

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A hidden improvement that MX Anywhere 2/2S users shouldn't miss is that the side grips have been replaced with a silicone-based material. It's more durable than traditional rubber.

As you can see, the MX Anywhere 3 is the mouse that Logitech/Logicool fans (including the author) have been waiting for: a palm-sized mouse with an auto-switching high-speed scroll wheel that's finally included.

It's inherited from the MX Anywhere series, which had a good reputation for its size and general shape, but with a fast-switching wheel and customizable click feeling, this mouse is likely to be even more popular than the MX Master 3, especially in Japan, where many users have smaller hands.

Source: Logicool

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