New Apple Watch 6 won't be unveiled in September, proven leaker predicts

Will it be revealed in October at the same time as the iPhone 12?

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This year has been unusual, with the flagship iPhone series officially announcing that its release will be delayed by a few weeks. Various theories about when other unannounced Apple products will also be released are mixed, with rumors that the new Apple Watch won't appear this month.

With the spread of the new coronavirus still unresolved, the likelihood of Apple holding a real event in person is slim to none. It seems possible that the company could announce new products in a virtual presentation, as it did at the June developer conference WWDC keynote, or in some cases, just a web press release announcement.

Last month, Jon Prosser, a familiar face with information on unannounced Apple products, claimed that the iPhone 12 launch event would be in the third week of October and that the new Apple Watch and iPad would be announced in a press release the week of September 7 (next week from the time of writing) and both would be available for order soon.

L0vetodream, another well-known leaker, has taken issue with this. Earlier this year, the person predicted the launch of the second-generation iPhone SE and iPad Pro (2020), the "macOS Big Sur" name, the hand-washing feature in watchOS 7, and the handwriting texting feature in iPadOS 14, among other things, before they were officially announced.

If L0vetodream is correct in claiming that “there is be no Watch (Apple Watch) this month”, it would lend credence to the predictions of the Mac Treasure Tracing Club Blog, which stated that the Apple Watch Series 6 will also be announced at the iPhone 12 online event scheduled to take place in late October.

This would mean that there would be a gap in September, when iPhone announcements were an annual occurrence, with no product announcements. MacRumors speculates that Apple will probably fill this gap by announcing other products through press releases. As Bloomberg reports, there may be a new iPad Air, Apple-branded over-ear headphones, and the AirTag that can be used to find lost items may be announced in rapid succession.

Source: L0vetodream(Twitter)

Via: MacRumors

This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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